2nd Foreign Engineer Regiment

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2nd Foreign Engineer Regiment
(2e Régiment étranger de génie)
Insigne 2e régiment étranger de génie.jpg
Regimental badge of 2e REG
Active 1 Jul. 1999 – present
Country  France
Branch French Army
Type Engineer
Role Combat engineer
Size 900-925 men
Part of 27th Mountain Infantry Brigade
Garrison/HQ Saint Christol, France
Motto Rien n'empêch (Nothing Prevents)
Colors Green & Red
March Rien n'empêche
Anniversaries Camerone Day (30 April)
Saint Barbara (4 December)

Opération Baliste
Global War on Terrorism (2001-present)

Battle honours Camerone 1863[1]
Colonel Daniel Bonini
Beret badge of the 2nd Foreign Engineer Regiment Insigne de béret du 2e REG.jpg
Abbreviation 2er REG

The 2nd Foreign Engineer Regiment (French: 2e Régiment étranger de génie, 2e REG) is one of two combat engineer regiments in the French Foreign Legion. It provides the combat engineering component of the 27th Mountain Infantry Brigade.[2] Stationed, since its creation in 1999, on the former site of the French strategic nuclear missiles at Saint Christol, Vaucluse, southern France.


Although created on 1 July 1999,[3] making it the youngest regiment in the Foreign Legion, it has inherited the lineage of the 5th Foreign Infantry Regiment (5e REI), the Tonkin Regiment.

5th Mixed Pacific Regiment[edit]

In 1963, after the official disbandment of 5e REI, a new engineer unit was raised as the 5th Mixed Pacific Regiment (French: 5e Regiment Mixte du Pacifique, 5e RMP) containing both Legion and Army personnel.[4] Stationed at Papeete/Tahiti (Mururoa).

5th Foreign Regiment[edit]

It was renamed as the 5th Foreign Regiment (French: 5e Régiment Étranger, 5e RE) on 1 July 1984.[4] It was resized from 1996 on (last nuclear test of France at Mururoa) and finally disbanded on 30 June 2000 at Mururoa, 4 years after France stopped their nuclear testing there.


The regiment is composed of around 900 to 925 men organized into 6 companies.[3]

  • Compagnie de Commandement et de Logistique (CCL) - Command and Logistics Company
  • Compagnie d'Administration et de Soutien (CAS) - Administrative and Services Company
  • 1er Compagnie de Combat - 1st Combat Company (3 combat sections, a support section and a command section)
  • 2e Compagnie de Combat - 2nd Combat Company (3 combat sections, a support section and a command section)
  • 3e Compagnie de Combat - 3rd Combat Company (3 combat sections, a support section and a command section)
  • Compagnie d'Appui (CA) - Support Company (5 specialist sections)

Commanding officers[edit]

  • Colonel Nebois (1999–2001)
  • Colonel Autran (2001–2003)
  • Colonel Fradin (2003–2005)
  • Colonel Boucher (2005–2007)
  • Colonel Chavanat (2007–2009)
  • Lt.-Colonel Kirscher (2009-2011)
  • Colonel Bonini (2011-201_)

Battle honours[edit]


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