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The 300 Years Mosque (Thai: มัสยิด 300 ปี) (also known as Al-Hussein Mosque or Talo Mano Mosque) is located in Ban Talo Mano, Tambon Subo Sawo. It is 25 kilometres from the city of Narathiwat, Thailand.

Wan Hussein Az-Sanawi, who migrated from Ban Sano Yanya in Pattani Province, built the mosque in 1624. It was originally roofed with palm leaves, which later were replaced with fired clay tiles. The mosque is composed of two buildings connecting with each other. It is built entirely of wood, the pieces interlocking without nails in the traditional Thai and Malay fashion. The style is traditional Thai with Chinese and Malay influences. The most outstanding feature is the gable above the roof. The Azan tower is in Chinese style on the rear portion of the roof. The air holes of the tower are carved with leaf, flower and Chinese designs.

The 300 Years Mosque is sill an active religious structure. Visitors must receive permission from the village Imam to enter it.

A Muslim cemetery is nearby. Rocks designating male graves are round; for females, only half of each rock is visible, in keeping with local custom.

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