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Haven episode
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 1
Directed by Lee Rose
Written by Jonathan Abrahams
Production code Unknown
Original air date September 21, 2012
Guest actors
Episode chronology
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"Silent Night"
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"301" is the first episode of the third season of the supernatural American/Canadian television series Haven. It aired on SyFy on September 21, 2012. It was written by Jonathan Abrahams and directed by Lee Rose.

In preparation for the start of the third season Syfy has again been using Twitter to stimulate interest in the show and looking to bring more viewers to this episode by giving more back story to the program.[1] In conjunction with the Twitter campaign several YouTube clips have been released which involve information about the Guard whose task is to bring the Troubled to Haven and protect them.[2]


The episode begins where the season 2 finale left off: Audrey Parker is missing and Nathan Wuornos is fighting with Duke Crocker in the belief that Duke is connected to Audrey's disappearance. They stop when all metal objects in the cabin of Duke's boat are drawn to the ceiling. Duke takes the opportunity to convince Nathan he's been framed. Audrey is tied to a post in a cellar and interrogated by a dark figure asking about the Colorado Kid.

Metal objects were drawn up to the sky elsewhere in town then let drop causing damage and Dwight Hendrickson is out cleaning and covering up. Nathan learns that another woman has disappeared. He and Duke go to the Altair Bay Inn to investigate. Wesley Toomey shows them a blood trail disappearing at a door, indicating a body had been dragged. He believes aliens have taken his mother, Roslyn, as they'd taken his grandfather twenty years ago. They humor him, but his reaction is to escape through a deception. Audrey's kidnapper knows all about her and her previous "lives", asking her if she thought she was the only person who loved the Colorado Kid. As Nathan and Duke chase Toomey, their car suddenly stops: all electrics have gone dead, including cell phones. Audrey discovers the missing woman is also in the cellar, at the Altair Bay Inn! Nathan tries to fix the car, when without warning he finds himself dragged away by the feet across a field with Duke chasing and they find themselves in the middle of a series of crop circles. They then see a blue metal ball move across the sky, which they follow to find has crashed outside Toomey's house. Inside there are numerous newspaper clippings plastered over the walls of a room regarding a UFO event that happened over twenty years ago. Nathan, Duke, Dwight and the Teagues believe that Toomey is Troubled, perhaps triggered by his mother's disappearance. Audrey succeeds in escaping her bonds and phones Nathan. They all go to the inn to find her. Outside they see the body of Toomey's mother burning in a fireplace. Toomey's alien mothership looms in the sky threatening doom and destruction. He goes back into the inn thinking he has to jam alien communications to prevent any further damage. As the inn quakes under the alien ship, Nathan convinces him that his grandfather had probably gone with the aliens to save the town. Toomey, thinking he might be able to find his grandfather, goes outside and is drawn up into the ship and is gone. Duke is not impressed by Nathan's ethic, but the town was saved.

The building overlooking the cemetery. (This is in fact the Lunenburg Academy.)

Audrey tells Nathan of her kidnapper who had expected her to remember her previous life though she couldn't and had indicated that the Colorado Kid was still alive. Back at a Haven cemetery, as Dwight and Nathan dig up the Colorado Kid's coffin (in plot 301), Audrey, talking to a pathologist by phone, questions the finding that Roslyn Toomey's body had been burning for four hours because she was talking to her only an hour ago before her body was found. No corpse is found in the coffin, only bricks for weight. Written on the inside of the coffin are the words "find him before The Hunter". Audrey recognizes her own handwriting. From the building nearby someone watches.


This episode earned a Nielsen household rating of 0.5 for 18/49. It was viewed by 2.004 million viewers.[3]


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