308th Infantry Division (Vietnam)

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308th Infantry Division
Active 1949-present
Allegiance  Vietnam
Branch Vietnam People's Army
Type Infantry
Role Mechanized infantry, rapid respond force
Size Division
Part of 1st Corps
Garrison/HQ Xuan Mai, Chuong My, Hanoi, Vietnam
Nickname Quân Tiên Phong (Vanguard)
Engagements Battle of Dien Bien Phu
Battle of Khe Sanh
Southern Laos Campaign
Easter Offensive
Colonel Vuong Thua Vu

The 308th Infantry Division is an division of the People's Army of Vietnam, first formed in 1948-49.

First Indochina War[edit]

As early as January 1946, the first regiment of the PAVN, the 102 'Capital' Regiment, was created for operations around Hanoi.[1] It consisted of Regiments 88, 102, and 36, and soon became the 308 'Vanguard' Division. By late 1950 the 308 Division had a full three infantry regiments, one heavy weapons regiment, and support units.

Under Colonel Vuong Thua Vu, the division fought at the Battle of Dien Bien Phu in 1954.

Vietnam War[edit]

It fought at the Battle of Khe Sanh in 1967-68.[2] In October 1970, the division was in training in North Vietnam, and during the Tet Offensive it was working on flood protection dikes in North Vietnam.[3] During Operation Lam Son 719 in 1971 the division fought as part of the B-70 Corps. In 1972 the division was commanded by Nguyễn Hữu An. It fought in the First Battle of Quang Tri. When the NVA I Corps was organized in the fall of 1973, the 308th, 312th, and 320B Divisions, having returned from the Quang Tri front, were all assigned to it.[4]

Post Vietnam War[edit]

In August 28th, 1979, the division was reorganized into the first mechanized infantry division of PAVN and became the rapid response force of the 1st Corps since then.

Present Day[edit]

Today the division is part of the 1st Corps (Vietnam People's Army) located in the Red River Delta.


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