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3147 Samantha is a main belt asteroid, discovered by Lyudmila Ivanovna Chernykh on December 16, 1986. She named her discovery in memory of the young American peace activist Samantha Smith. The Official Certificate was presented to her mother Jane Smith on February 28, 1987.

Orbital Information[edit]

Keplerian elements at epoch 53450

a (AU) 2.62088
eccentricity 0.196591
inclination (deg) 3.541
Asc. node (deg) 216.159
Arg. perih. (deg) 242.487
M (deg) 228.868

Other useful data:

Absolute Magnitude 13.348
Slope parameter 0.15
Perihelion (AU) 2.1056
Aphelion (AU) 3.1361
Asc. node-Earth sep. (AU) 1.76527
Desc. node-Earth sep. (AU) 1.3173
Earth MOID (AU) 1.12517
Orbital period (days) 1549.78
Diameter (km) 29.0
First obs. (day/mo/yr) 16.943980/12/1976
Last obs. (day/mo/yr) 11.320650/06/2004
Number of obs. 274

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