3246 Bidstrup

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Discovery and designation
Discovered by Chernykh, N.
Discovery site Nauchnyj
Discovery date April 1, 1976
MPC designation 3246
Named after Herluf Bidstrup
Alternative names 1976 GQ3
Orbital characteristics
Epoch May 14, 2008
Aphelion 3.3036803
Perihelion 3.0840237
Eccentricity 0.0343874
Orbital period 2084.8297537
Mean anomaly 259.04938
Inclination 21.76889
Longitude of ascending node 197.70364
Argument of perihelion 333.16284
Physical characteristics
Absolute magnitude (H) 11.3

3246 Bidstrup (1976 GQ3) is a main-belt asteroid discovered on April 1, 1976 by Chernykh, N. at Nauchnyj. The asteroid was named after Herluf Bidstrup - Danish caricaturist and member of Communist Party of Denmark.

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