34th Aviation Brigade (United States)

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The Combat Aviation Brigade, 34th Infantry Division is a unit of the Minnesota Army National Guard.

The Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB), 34th Infantry Division is an Army National Guard brigade that supports the 34th Infantry Division and the State of Minnesota by providing aviation assets for both federal and state active duty missions. The aviators of the CAB fly the UH-60 Black Hawk and CH-47 Chinook helicopters. The CAB also maintains the AH-64 Apache and OH-58 Kiowa helicopters via support from non-Minnesota based detachments of the 834th Aviation Support Battalion. The CAB Headquarters is stationed in St. Paul, MN.[1]

While under state control, the brigade consists of the following aviation elements:[1]

  • 147 Avn Rgt DUI.jpg 2nd Bn (Assault Helicopter), 147th Aviation Regiment
  • 834 Spt Bn DUI.png 834th Aviation Support Battalion
  • 211 Avn Rgt DUI.jpg Company B, 2nd Bn (Cargo Helicopter), 211th Aviation Regiment
  • 211 Avn Rgt DUI.jpg Company C, 2nd Bn (Air Ambulance), 211th Aviation Regiment
  • 147 Avn Rgt DUI.jpg Company F, 1st Bn (Air Traffic Services), 189th Aviation Regiment
  • Company C, 1st Bn (Air Ambulance), 171st Aviation Regiment

The brigade also controls the following additional units:

  • 113 Avn Rgt DUI.jpg 1st Battalion (Surveillance and Security), 112th Aviation Regiment (ND NG)
  • 183 Avn Rgt DUI.jpg 1st Battalion (Attack Helicopter), 183rd Aviation Regiment (ID NG)
  • 189 Avn Rgt DUI.jpg 1st Battalion (General Support), 189th Aviation Regiment (MT NG)