39429 Annebrontë

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39429 Annebrontë
Name Annebrontë
Designation 4223 T-2
Discoverers C. J. van Houten, I. van Houten-Groeneveld
Discovery date September 29, 1973
Discovery site Palomar Observatory
Orbital elements
Epoch October 27, 2007 (JDCT 2454400.5)
Eccentricity (e) 0.1241624
Semimajor axis (a) 2.4296466 AU
Perihelion (q) 2.1279758 AU
Aphelion (Q) 2.7313174 AU
Orbital period (P) 3.79 a
Inclination (i) 11.30855°
Longitude of the ascending node (Ω) 171.70529°
Argument of Perihelion (ω) 13.60999°
Mean anomaly (M) 235.06730°

39429 Annebrontë is[citation needed] a main belt asteroid with an orbital period of 1383.2895016 days (3.79 years).[1]

The asteroid was[citation needed] discovered on September 29, 1973. It was named in honour of English novelist Anne Brontë.


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