39th Army (People's Republic of China)

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39th Mechanized Group Army
Country China
Garrison/HQ Liaoning, Liaoyang
Maj.Gen. Ai Husheng

The 39th Army is a group army, a formation of roughly corps strength, of the People's Liberation Army.

The army was a military formation of the People's Volunteer Army (Chinese People's Volunteers (CPV) or Chinese Communist Forces (CCF)) during the Korean War. It comprised the 115th, 116th, and 117th Divisions.[1]

The formation is still active as the 39th Group Army in the Shenyang Military Region.[2] 39th Group Army has more main battle tanks than any other group armies in China, as it was expected to counter the threat of Soviet armor in the Far East. Along with 38th Army stationed near Beijing, this unit is given the best equipment and training available.

On December 4, 2013, the group began cold weather war game exercises with approximately 3,000 troops. The soldiers were given no acclimation training in order to simulate realistic war conditions.


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