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3TU is a federation of three leading Dutch technical universities: TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, and University of Twente. The federation aims at maximizing innovation by concentrating the strengths in research, education and knowledge transfer of all technical universities in the Netherlands.[1]

Stan Ackermans Institute[edit]

The Stan Ackermans Institute (SAI) was started in 1986 at the Eindhoven University of Technology; the name was chosen in honor of prof.dr. S.T.M. Ackermans, the rector magnificus of the university who retired the year before and who spent a good deal of his career lobbying for more attention in university education to the needs of the companies who would employ the graduates.[2]

The SAI manages eleven post-graduate technical designer programs across the three technical universities. Each designer program is two years in length and is intended to teach young masters starting in their careers the design skills needed to design the complex systems needed in the high tech industry. Graduates are granted a Professional Doctorate in Engineering degree and may use the postfix PDEng after their name.[3]

The eleven postgraduate programs offered by the SAI are:[4]

Applied Mathematics Institute[edit]

The 3TU Applied Mathematics Institute (3TU.AMI) is one of the Centers of Excellence of the 3TU Federation. The AMI is dedicated to coordinating the activities of different applied mathematics groups at the three technical universities. These coordinated activities include the research, but also the master's programs, internships and knowledge valorisation. In the period 1990-2006, the joint MSC program graduated 1229 students.[5]

On 23 September 2010, the 3TU Federation announced an extensive cooperative agreement with AMI's German counterpart, MATHEON. The cooperation will extend to shared master's programs, coordinated graduate schools, a European project for e-learning, a Dutch-German research program and an exchange program for professors. The AMI-MATHEON cooperation will encompass 80 professors and over 500 researchers; it will be the largest mathematics cluster in Europe.[6]


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