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4-AcO-DALT structure.png
Systematic (IUPAC) name
3-(2-(diallylamino)ethyl)-1H-indol-4-yl acetate
Clinical data
Legal status
CAS number  N
ATC code ?
Chemical data
Formula C18H22N2O2 
Mol. mass 298.38 g/mol

4-Acetyloxy-N,N-diallyltryptamine (or 4-AcO-DALT) is a tryptamine derivative which presumably acts as a serotonin receptor agonist. It has been sold as a designer drug, but little other information is available. While it was first officially identified in seized drug samples in 2012,[1] anecdotal reports on the internet suggest it has been sold and used since at least 2007.[2][unreliable source?][3][unreliable source?]

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