400 Days

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"400 Days"
The Walking Dead episode
The walking dead 400 days box art.jpg
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 6
Directed by Sean Ainsworth
Written by Sean Vanaman
Sean Ainsworth
Nick Breckon
Mark Darin
Gary Whitta
Original air date July 2, 2013 (2013-07-02)
Episode chronology
← Previous
" No Time Left"
Next →
" All That Remains"

"400 Days" is a DLC and special episode for Telltale Games The Walking Dead. It focuses on five different protagonists: Vince, Wyatt, Russell, Bonnie, and Shel, each in their own short personal stories in a tight geographic area. "400 Days" bridges the gap between your choices in Season 1 and the events of Season 2.


The story follow chronological story from Day 2 to Day 400.

On Day 2, Vince (Anthony Lam), before the outbreak, committed murder to help his brother and was sentenced to prison for the crime. He then began chatting with his fellow inmate Justin (Trevor Hoffman), and Danny (Erik Braa). Danny then tells him that he was falsely accused for raping a young woman, while Justin was a pyramid scheme entrepreneur who made millions before being caught and arrested. After inmates Jerry (Adam Harrington), and Marcus Crabtree (Benjie Ross) start fighting on the prison bus, Crabtree kills Jerry, before being shot by Officer Clyde (J.S. Gilbert). After a reanimated Jerry bites Clyde, Vince gains control of the shotgun and is then forced to shoot Jerry. Vince then has to decide which one of his fellow inmates to sacrifice, in order for him to escape. Regardless of who Vince kills and who Vince saves, he will turn up at the campsite at the end of the game, stating that the person that he was with turned out to be even worse than he was originally led to believe, but won't say what their fate was.

On Day 41, Wyatt (Jace Smykel), and his friend Eddie (Brandon Bales), are escaping after being chased by unknown pursuer (Jefferson Arca), because Eddie accidentally shot one of his friends, after he stole from them. As the pair escape through the fog, Eddie accidentally runs over a prison bus driver (who was driving Vince's bus), Bennett (Will Beckman). They then argue over who is going to get out of the car to check on the bus driver, and play Rock, Paper, Scissors when they cannot come to an agreement. Whichever one gets out to check on the body, will be left behind by the person remaining in the car after the pursuer shows up again.

On Day 184, Russell (Vegas Trip), a young man trying to see if his grandmother is still alive, is picked up by the reckless Nate (who is revealed to be the pursuer who was chasing Wyatt and Eddie), who offers him a ride. Nate makes no mention of his previous encounter with Wyatt and Eddie, but makes it abundantly clear very early that he is not trustworthy and is likely to resort to intimidation and violence before trying to negotiate and settle things calmly in extreme situations. Nate and Russell arrived at the "Gill Pitstop" to look for supplies, but are ambushed by an old couple named Walter and Jean who have been attacked before and are defending themselves out of fear. Russell then has to decide whether he will join Nate in killing and robbing the couple or leave Nate and continue on alone.

On Day 220, Bonnie (Erin Yvette), a former drug addict and a UGA student, is in a group with a surviving elderly married couple, Leland (Adam Harrington) and his wife, Dee (Cissy Jones). Bonnie and Leland are discussing their journey so far, and Leland does some harmless flirting with Bonnie, before Dee interrupts and insinuates that something is going on between the pair. After the group is attacked by a group of unknown pursuers whom Dee stole off (Kid Beyond), the group is split into three directions. Bonnie is shot in the arm and she ends up hiding in corn field, where she accidentally kills Dee with a rebar, confusing her for one of the attackers. Before she dies, Dee accuses Bonnie of murdering her on purpose so she could have Leland to herself, which Bonnie denies, before Leland appears, demanding an explanation from Bonnie. Bonnie then ends up with the decision to lie, or honestly tell Leland the truth about what happened to Dee. Bonnie will then flee with, or without Leland as the attackers close in.

On Days 236 & Day 259 respectively, Shel (Cissy Jones), and her younger sister, Becca (Brett Pels) are part of a large survivor group, (which includes Vernon's cancer survivors from Episode 4), led by Roman, who have taken refuge at the Gill Pitstop. Roberto, a bandit who was caught trying to steal supplies from the camp, can either be executed or released, with Shel making the ultimate decision. If she chooses to kill Roberto, the group will feel guilty about it and some will leave prior to Day 259. If she chooses to spare him, Roberto will come back with a larger group to steal more supplies and murders one of the group. Following this, Roman declares that anyone caught trying to steal supplies will be executed. Shel's friend, Stephanie (Dana Bauer), is caught trying to escape the Pitstop with stolen supplies, and Roman expects Shel to be the one to kill her. Shel has the choice to either kill Stephanie or flee the camp with Becca.

On Day 400, Tavia (Rashida Clendening), finds a note and trail from the five survivors to find them and bring them to her community. Whether they want to go with Tavia or not will depend on the players' choices during their stories, although Bonnie will go regardless. The episode then ends with Vince burning their photos, and Bonnie telling Vince that he's "doing a good thing".

Several members of the cast, depending on who accepts Tavia's offer and who doesn't (You cannot influence the decisions of any of the characters that Tavia meets) will then appear in Season Two of The Walking Dead game in Episode 3, where we discover that the safe zone that Tavia mentions is the hardware store that is run by Carver, a central character in the Season Two. Bonnie and Tavia will be seen in the hardware store regardless, as they are the only characters guaranteed to go back at the end of 400 Days. Who else goes is essentially inconsequential, as they will merely have cameo roles in Season Two, for example Wyatt making a remark to Clementine as she passes him, or Shell and Becca discussing their situation and staring at Clementine as she passes.


Platform GameRankings Metacritic
PlayStation 3 (PSN) 78.2% 78/100
Xbox 360 (XBL) 76.8% 80/100
PC (Windows, Mac) 78% 78/100
iOS (iPad, iPhone) 86.6% 84/100
PlayStation Vita 91% TBA


Actor/Actress Role Other/Previous Role
Anthony Lam Vince Stranger/Campman
Erik Braa Danny N/A
Trevor Hoffmann Justin Benjamin "Ben" Paul
Cissy Jones Shel/Dee Katjaa
Brett Pels Becca Irene
Jace Smykel Wyatt N/A
Brandon Bales Eddie N/A
Jefferson Arca Nate N/A
Vegas Trip Russell N/A
Adam Harrington Jerry/Leland Andrew St. John
Erin Yvette Bonnie Molly
Kid Beyond Roman Carlos
Rashinda Clendening Tavia N/A

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