422nd Maryland General Assembly

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The 422nd Maryland General Assembly convened in a special session on June 14, 2006, met on June 15, 2006 and did not meet again until it adjourned sine die on June 23, 2006.[1] The entire special session covered only three calendar days.


Party composition[edit]

Affiliation Members
  Democratic Party 33
  Republican Party 14


Position Name Party District
President of the Senate Miller, Jr., Thomas V. MikeThomas V. Mike Miller, Jr. Democratic 27
President pro tem Democratic 45
Majority Leader McFadden, Nathaniel J.Nathaniel J. McFadden Democratic 12


District Name Party
1 Hafer, John J.John J. Hafer Republican
2 Munson, Donald F.Donald F. Munson Republican
3 Mooney, Alex X.Alex X. Mooney Republican
4 Brinkley, David R.David R. Brinkley Republican
5 Haines, Larry E.Larry E. Haines Republican
6 Stone, Jr., Norman R.Norman R. Stone, Jr. Democratic
7 Harris, Andrew P.Andrew P. Harris Republican
8 Klausmeier, Katherine A.Katherine A. Klausmeier Democratic
9 Kittleman, Allan H.Allan H. Kittleman Republican
10 Kelley, Delores G.Delores G. Kelley Democratic
11 Zirkin, RobertRobert Zirkin Democratic
12 Kasemeyer, Edward J.Edward J. Kasemeyer Democratic
13 Robey, James N.James N. Robey Democratic
14 Kramer, Rona E.Rona E. Kramer Democratic
15 Garagiola, Robert J.Robert J. Garagiola Democratic
16 Frosh, Brian E.Brian E. Frosh Democratic
17 Forehand, Jennie M.Jennie M. Forehand Democratic
18 Grosfeld, Sharon M.Sharon M. Grosfeld Democratic
19 Teitelbaum, Leonard H.Leonard H. Teitelbaum Democratic
20 Ruben, Ida G.Ida G. Ruben Democratic
21 Rosapepe, JamesJames Rosapepe Democratic
22 Pinsky, Paul G.Paul G. Pinsky Democratic
23 Green, Leo E.Leo E. Green Democratic
24 Exum, NathanielNathaniel Exum Democratic
25 Curry, UlyssesUlysses Curry Democratic
26 Lawlah, Gloria G.Gloria G. Lawlah Democratic
27 Miller, Jr., Thomas V. MikeThomas V. Mike Miller, Jr. Democratic
28 Middleton, Thomas M.Thomas M. Middleton Democratic
29 Dyson, Roy P.Roy P. Dyson Democratic
30 Astle, JohnJohn Astle Democratic
31 Simonaire, BryanBryan Simonaire Republican
32 DeGrange, Sr., James E.James E. DeGrange, Sr. Democratic
33 Greenip, JanetJanet Greenip Republican
34 Jacobs, NancyNancy Jacobs Republican
35 Hooper, J. RobertJ. Robert Hooper Republican
36 Pipkin, E.J.E.J. Pipkin Republican
37 Colburn, Richard F.Richard F. Colburn Republican
38 Stoltzfus, J. LowellJ. Lowell Stoltzfus Republican
39 Hogan, Patrick J.Patrick J. Hogan Democratic
40 Hughes, Ralph M.Ralph M. Hughes Democratic
41 Gladden, Lisa A.Lisa A. Gladden Democratic
42 Brochin, JamesJames Brochin Democratic
43 Conway, Joan CarterJoan Carter Conway Democratic
44 Jones, Verna L.Verna L. Jones Democratic
45 McFadden, Nathaniel J.Nathaniel J. McFadden Democratic
46 Della, Jr., George W.George W. Della, Jr. Democratic
47 Britt, Gwendolyn T.Gwendolyn T. Britt Democratic

House of Delegates[edit]

Party composition[edit]

Affiliation Members
  Democratic Party 104
  Republican Party 37
Unaffiliated 0
 Government Majority


Position Name Party District
Speaker of the House Michael E. Busch Democratic 30
Speaker Pro Tempore Adrienne A. Jones Democratic 10
Majority Leader Kumar P. Barve Democratic 17
Majority Whip Talmadge Branch Democratic 45
Minority Leader George C. Edwards Republican 29C
Minority Whip Anthony J. O'Donnell Republican 2B


District Name Party
1A Edwards, George C.George C. Edwards Republican
1B Kelly, KevinKevin Kelly Democratic
1C Myers, Jr., LeRoy E.LeRoy E. Myers, Jr. Republican
2A McKee, Robert A.Robert A. McKee Republican
2B Shank, Christopher B.Christopher B. Shank Republican
2C Donoghue, John P.John P. Donoghue Democratic
3A Clagett, Galen R.Galen R. Clagett Democratic
3A Hogan, Patrick N.Patrick N. Hogan Republican
3B Weldon, Jr., Richard B.Richard B. Weldon, Jr. Republican
4A Bartlett, Joseph R.Joseph R. Bartlett Republican
4A Stull, Paul S.Paul S. Stull Republican
4B Elliott, Donald B.Donald B. Elliott Republican
5A Shewell, Tanya ThorntonTanya Thornton Shewell Republican
5A Stocksdale, Nancy R.Nancy R. Stocksdale Republican
5B Kach, A. WadeA. Wade Kach Republican
6 Arnick, John S.John S. Arnick Democratic
6 Minnick, Joseph J.Joseph J. Minnick Democratic
6 Weir, Jr., Michael H.Michael H. Weir, Jr. Democratic
7 Impallaria, Richard K.Richard K. Impallaria Republican
7 Jennings, J. B.J. B. Jennings Republican
7 McDonough, Patrick L.Patrick L. McDonough Republican
8 Boteler III, Joseph C.Joseph C. Boteler III Republican
8 Bromwell, Eric M.Eric M. Bromwell Democratic
8 Cluster, Jr., John W. E.John W. E. Cluster, Jr. Republican
9A Bates, Gail H.Gail H. Bates Republican
9A Miller, Warren E.Warren E. Miller Republican
9B Krebs, Susan W.Susan W. Krebs Republican
10 Burns, Jr., Emmett C.Emmett C. Burns, Jr. Democratic
10 Jones, Adrienne A.Adrienne A. Jones Democratic
10 Nathan-Pulliam, ShirleyShirley Nathan-Pulliam Democratic
11 Cardin, Jon S.Jon S. Cardin Democratic
11 Morhaim, Dan K.Dan K. Morhaim Democratic
11 Zirkin, Robert A.Robert A. Zirkin Democratic
12A DeBoy, Sr., Steven J.Steven J. DeBoy, Sr. Democratic
12A Malone, Jr., James E.James E. Malone, Jr. Democratic
12B Bobo, ElizabethElizabeth Bobo Democratic
13 Pendergrass, Shane E.Shane E. Pendergrass Democratic
13 Quinter, Neil F.Neil F. Quinter Democratic
13 Turner, Frank S.Frank S. Turner Democratic
14 Kaiser, Anne R.Anne R. Kaiser Democratic
14 Montgomery, Karen S.Karen S. Montgomery Democratic
14 Taylor II, Herman L.Herman L. Taylor II Democratic
15 Cryor, Jean B.Jean B. Cryor Republican
15 Dumais, Kathleen M.Kathleen M. Dumais Democratic
15 Feldman, Brian J.Brian J. Feldman Democratic
16 Bronrott, William A.William A. Bronrott Democratic
16 Goldwater, Marilyn R.Marilyn R. Goldwater Democratic
16 Lee, Susan C.Susan C. Lee Democratic
17 Barve, Kumar P.Kumar P. Barve Democratic
17 Gordon, Michael R.Michael R. Gordon Democratic
17 Simmons, Luiz R. S.Luiz R. S. Simmons Democratic
18 Gutierrez, Ana SolAna Sol Gutierrez Democratic
18 Hurson, John AdamsJohn Adams Hurson Democratic
18 Madaleno, Jr., Richard S.Richard S. Madaleno, Jr. Democratic
19 Heller, Henry B.Henry B. Heller Democratic
19 Mandel, Adrienne A.Adrienne A. Mandel Democratic
19 Petzold, Carol S.Carol S. Petzold Democratic
20 Franchot, PeterPeter Franchot Democratic
20 Hixson, Sheila E.Sheila E. Hixson Democratic
20 Murray, Gareth E.Gareth E. Murray Democratic
21 Frush, Barbara A.Barbara A. Frush Democratic
21 Menes, Pauline H.Pauline H. Menes Democratic
21 Moe, Brian R.Brian R. Moe Democratic
22 Gaines, Tawanna P.Tawanna P. Gaines Democratic
22 Healey, AnneAnne Healey Democratic
22 Ross, Justin D.Justin D. Ross Democratic
23A Conroy, Mary A.Mary A. Conroy Democratic
23A Hubbard, James W.James W. Hubbard Democratic
23B Holmes, Jr., Marvin E.Marvin E. Holmes, Jr. Democratic
24 Benson, Joanne C.Joanne C. Benson Democratic
24 Howard, Carolyn J. B.Carolyn J. B. Howard Democratic
24 Vaughn, Michael L.Michael L. Vaughn Democratic
25 Brown, Anthony G.Anthony G. Brown Democratic
25 Davis, Dereck E.Dereck E. Davis Democratic
25 Griffith, Melony G.Melony G. Griffith Democratic
26 Kelley, Darryl A.Darryl A. Kelley Democratic
26 Patterson, ObieObie Patterson Democratic
26 Turner, Veronica L.Veronica L. Turner Democratic
27A Proctor, Jr., James E.James E. Proctor, Jr. Democratic
27A Vallario, Jr., Joseph F.Joseph F. Vallario, Jr. Democratic
27B Kullen, SueSue Kullen Democratic
28 Hennessy, W. LouisW. Louis Hennessy Republican
28 Jameson, Sally Y.Sally Y. Jameson Democratic
28 Levy, Murray D.Murray D. Levy Democratic
29A Wood, Jr., John F.John F. Wood, Jr. Democratic
29B Bohanan, Jr., John L.John L. Bohanan, Jr. Democratic
29C O'Donnell, Anthony J.Anthony J. O'Donnell Republican
30 Busch, Michael E.Michael E. Busch Democratic
30 Clagett, Virginia P.Virginia P. Clagett Democratic
30 McMillan, Herbert H.Herbert H. McMillan Republican
31 Cadden, JoanJoan Cadden Democratic
31 Dwyer, DonDon Dwyer Republican
31 Leopold, John R.John R. Leopold Republican
32 Gilleland, Jr., Terry R.Terry R. Gilleland, Jr. Republican
32 Love, Mary AnnMary Ann Love Democratic
32 Sophocleus, Theodore J.Theodore J. Sophocleus Democratic
33A Boschert, David G.David G. Boschert Republican
33A McConkey, TonyTony McConkey Republican
33B Costa, Robert A.Robert A. Costa Republican
34A Boutin, Charles R.Charles R. Boutin Republican
34A James, Mary-DulanyMary-Dulany James Democratic
34B Rudolph, David D.David D. Rudolph Democratic
35A Glassman, BarryBarry Glassman Republican
35A Parrott, Joanne S.Joanne S. Parrott Republican
35B McComas, Susan K.Susan K. McComas Republican
36 Smigiel, Sr., Michael D.Michael D. Smigiel, Sr. Republican
36 Sossi, Richard A.Richard A. Sossi Republican
36 Walkup, Mary RoeMary Roe Walkup Republican
37A Cane, Rudolph C.Rudolph C. Cane Democratic
37B Eckardt, Adelaide C.Adelaide C. Eckardt Republican
37B Haddaway, JeannieJeannie Haddaway Republican
38A Elmore, D. PageD. Page Elmore Republican
38B Bozman, BennettBennett Bozman Democratic
38B Conway, NormanNorman Conway Democratic
39 Barkley, Charles E.Charles E. Barkley Democratic
39 King, Nancy J.Nancy J. King Democratic
39 Stern, Joan F.Joan F. Stern Democratic
40 Fulton, Tony E.Tony E. Fulton Democratic
40 Goodwin, Marshall T.Marshall T. Goodwin Democratic
40 Marriott, Salima SilerSalima Siler Marriott Democratic
41 Carter, Jill P.Jill P. Carter Democratic
41 Oaks, Nathaniel T.Nathaniel T. Oaks Democratic
41 Rosenberg, Samuel I.Samuel I. Rosenberg Democratic
42 Aumann, Susan L. M.Susan L. M. Aumann Republican
42 Frank, William J.William J. Frank Republican
42 Trueschler, John G.John G. Trueschler Republican
43 Anderson, CurtCurt Anderson Democratic
43 Doory, Ann MarieAnn Marie Doory Democratic
43 McIntosh, Maggie L.Maggie L. McIntosh Democratic
44 Haynes, Keith E.Keith E. Haynes Democratic
44 Kirk, Ruth M.Ruth M. Kirk Democratic
44 Paige, Jeffrey A.Jeffrey A. Paige Democratic
45 Branch, TalmadgeTalmadge Branch Democratic
45 Davis, ClarenceClarence Davis Democratic
45 Harrison, Hattie N.Hattie N. Harrison Democratic
46 Hammen, Peter A.Peter A. Hammen Democratic
46 Krysiak, Carolyn J.Carolyn J. Krysiak Democratic
46 McHale, Brian K.Brian K. McHale Democratic
47 Niemann, Doyle L.Doyle L. Niemann Democratic
47 Parker, Rosetta C.Rosetta C. Parker Democratic
47 Ramirez, Victor R.Victor R. Ramirez Democratic

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