428th Maryland General Assembly

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The 428th Maryland General Assembly convened in a regular session on January 13, 2011 and adjourned sine die on April 12, 2011.[1]


Party composition[edit]

Affiliation Members
  Democratic Party 35
  Republican Party 12


Position Name Party District
President of the Senate Miller, Jr., Thomas V. MikeThomas V. Mike Miller, Jr. Democratic 27
President pro tem McFadden, Nathaniel J.Nathaniel J. McFadden Democratic 45
Majority Leader Garagiola, RobertRobert Garagiola Democratic 15
Majority Whip Gladden, Lisa A.Lisa A. Gladden Democratic 41
Minority Leader Jacobs, NancyNancy Jacobs Republican 34
Minority Whip Pipkin, E.J.E.J. Pipkin Republican 36

State senators[edit]

Jurisdiction(s) represented
Primary committee
1 Allegany, Garrett, and Washington George C. Edwards (2008).jpg Edwards, George C.George C. Edwards Republican 2006 Finance
2 Washington Christopher B. Shank (2008).jpg Shank, Christopher B.Christopher B. Shank Republican 2010 Budget and Taxation
3 Frederick and Washington Ronald N. Young (2011).jpg Young, Ronald N.Ronald N. Young Democrat 2010 Education, Health and Environmental Affairs
4 Carroll and Frederick David R. Brinkley (2009).jpg Brinkley, David R.David R. Brinkley Republican 2002 Budget and Taxation
5 Baltimore County and Carroll Joseph M. Getty (2011).jpg Getty, Joseph M.Joseph M. Getty Republican 2010 Judicial Proceedings
6 Baltimore County Norman R. Stone, Jr. (2007).jpg Stone, Jr., Norman R.Norman R. Stone, Jr. Democrat 1966 Judicial Proceedings
7 Baltimore County and Harford J. B. Jennings (November 2007).jpg Jennings, JBJB Jennings Republican 2010 Education, Health, and Environment
8 Baltimore County Katherine A. Klausmeier (2008).jpg Klausmeier, Katherine A.Katherine A. Klausmeier Democrat 2002 Finance
9 Carroll and Howard Senator Allan Kittleman.jpg Kittleman, Allan H.Allan H. Kittleman Republican 2004[a] Finance
10 Baltimore County Delores G. Kelley (2009).jpg Kelley, Delores G.Delores G. Kelley Democrat 1994 Finance
11 Baltimore County Robert Zirkin (May 2008).jpg Zirkin, RobertRobert Zirkin Democrat 2006 Budget and Taxation
12 Baltimore County and Howard Edward J. Kasemeyer (2009).jpg Kasemeyer, Edward J.Edward J. Kasemeyer Democrat 1986 Budget and Taxation (Vice-Chair)
13 Howard 1senatorrobey.jpg Robey, James N.James N. Robey Democrat 2006 Budget and Taxation
14 Montgomery Karen S. Montgomery (2008).jpg Montgomery, Karen S.Karen S. Montgomery Democrat 2010 Budget and Taxation
15 Montgomery Garagiola, Robert J.Robert J. Garagiola Democrat 2002 Finance
16 Montgomery Brian Frosh (2009).jpg Frosh, Brian E.Brian E. Frosh Democrat 1994 Judicial Proceedings (Chair)
17 Montgomery Forehand, Jennie M.Jennie M. Forehand Democrat 1994 Judicial Proceedings
18 Montgomery Richard Madaleno (2008).jpg Madaleno, Jr., Richard S.Richard S. Madaleno, Jr. Democrat 2006 Budget and Taxation
19 Montgomery Roger Manno (2007).jpg Manno, RogerRoger Manno Democrat 2010 Education, Health, and Environment
20 Montgomery Jamie Raskin (2008).jpg Raskin, JamieJamie Raskin Democrat 2006 Judicial Proceedings
21 Anne Arundel and Prince George's James Rosapepe (2009).jpg Rosapepe, JamesJames Rosapepe Democrat 2006 Education, Health, and Environment
22 Prince George's Paul G. Pinsky (2008).jpg Pinsky, Paul G.Paul G. Pinsky Democrat 1994 Education, Health, and Environment
23 Prince George's Douglas J.J. Peters (2009).jpg Peters, Douglas J.J.Douglas J.J. Peters Democrat 2006 Budget and Taxation
24 Prince George's Joanne C. Benson (2007).jpg Benson, Joanne C.Joanne C. Benson Democrat 2010 Finance
25 Prince George's Currie, UlyssesUlysses Currie Democrat 1994 Budget and Taxation (Chair)
26 Prince George's C. Anthony Muse (May 2008).jpg Muse, C. AnthonyC. Anthony Muse Democrat 2006 Judicial Proceedings
27 Calvert and Prince George's Thomas V. Mike Miller at Franchot inauguration - cropped.jpg Miller, Jr., Thomas V. MikeThomas V. Mike Miller, Jr. Democrat 1974 n/a[b]
28 Charles Thomas "Mac" Middleton (2008).jpg Middleton, Thomas M. "Mac"Thomas M. "Mac" Middleton Democrat 1994 Finance (Chair)
29 Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary's Roy Dyson.JPG Dyson, RoyRoy Dyson Democrat 1994 Education, Health, and Environment (Vice-Chair)
30 Anne Arundel John Astle (2008).JPG Astle, JohnJohn Astle Democrat 1994 Finance (Vice-Chair)
31 Anne Arundel Bryan Simonaire (2009).jpg Simonaire, BryanBryan Simonaire Republican 2006 Judicial Proceedings
32 Anne Arundel James E. DeGrange, Sr. (2008).jpg DeGrange, Sr., James E.James E. DeGrange, Sr. Democrat 1998 Budget and Taxation
33 Anne Arundel Edward R. Reilly (2011).jpg Reilly, Edward R.Edward R. Reilly Republican 2009[a] Education, Health and Environmental Affairs
34 Cecil and Harford Nancy Jacobs (2009).jpg Jacobs, NancyNancy Jacobs Republican 1998 Judicial Proceedings
35 Harford Barry Glassman (2007).jpg Glassman, BarryBarry Glassman Republican 1998 Finance
36 Caroline, Cecil, Kent, and Queen Anne's 1senatorpipkin1.jpg Pipkin, E. J.E. J. Pipkin Republican 2002 Finance
37 Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot, and Wicomico Richard F. Colburn (2009).jpg Colburn, Richard F.Richard F. Colburn Republican 1994 Education, Health, and Environment
38 Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester James N. Mathias, Jr (2007).jpg Mathias, Jr, James N.James N. Mathias, Jr Democrat 2010 Budget and Taxation
39 Montgomery Nancy J. King (2009).jpg King, Nancy J.Nancy J. King Democrat 2007 Budget and Taxation
40 Baltimore City Catherine E. Pugh (2007).jpg Pugh, Catherine E.Catherine E. Pugh Democrat 2006 Finance
41 Baltimore City Lisagladden.jpg Gladden, Lisa A.Lisa A. Gladden Democrat 2002 Judicial Proceedings (Vice-Chair)
42 Baltimore County Jim Brochin (2009).jpg Brochin, JamesJames Brochin Democrat 2002 Judicial Proceedings
43 Baltimore City Joan Carter Conway (2007).jpg Conway, Joan CarterJoan Carter Conway Democrat 1997[a] Education, Health, and Environment (Chair)
44 Baltimore City Verna L. Jones (2007).jpg Jones, Verna L.Verna L. Jones Democrat 2002 Budget and Taxation
45 Baltimore City Nathaniel J. McFadden (2007).jpg McFadden, Nathaniel J.Nathaniel J. McFadden Democrat 1994 Budget and Taxation
46 Baltimore City Bill Ferguson (2011).jpg Ferguson, WilliamWilliam Ferguson Democrat 2010 Education, Health and Environment
47 Prince George's Ramirez, Victor R.Victor R. Ramirez Democrat 2010 Judicial Proceedings


a This Senator was originally appointed to office by the Governor to fill an open seat.

b The President of the Senate does not serve on any of the four standing legislative committees. He does, however, serve on both the Executive Nominations and the Rules Committees.

House of Delegates[edit]

Party composition[edit]

Affiliation Members
  Democratic Party 98
  Republican Party 43
 Government Majority


Position Name Party District
Speaker of the House Michael E. Busch Democratic 30
Speaker Pro Tempore Adrienne A. Jones Democratic 10
Majority Leader Kumar P. Barve Democratic 17
Majority Whip Talmadge Branch Democratic 45
Minority Leader Anthony J. O'Donnell Republican 29C
Minority Whip Jeannie Haddaway Republican 37B

State delegates[edit]

Democratic Party
Republican Party
District Counties Represented Delegate Party First Elected Committee
1A Allegany, Garrett Wendell R. Beitzel (2007).jpg Beitzel, Wendell R.Wendell R. Beitzel Republican 2006 Health and Government Operations
1B Allegany Kevin Kelly (2007).jpg Kelly, KevinKevin Kelly Democratic 1986 Judiciary
1C Allegany, Washington LeRoy E. Myers, Jr. (2007).jpg Myers, LeRoyLeRoy Myers Republican 2002 Appropriations
2A Washington Andrew A. Serafini (2008).jpg Serafini, Andrew A.Andrew A. Serafini Republican 2008[2] Ways and Means
2B Washington 1nparrott.jpg Parrott, NeilNeil Parrott Republican 2010 Judiciary
2C Washington John P. Donoghue.jpg Donoghue, John P.John P. Donoghue Democratic 1990 Health and Government Operations
3A Frederick Galen R. Clagett (2007).jpg Clagett, Galen R.Galen R. Clagett Democratic 2002 Appropriations
3A Frederick 1delegate Hogan.jpg Hogan, Patrick N.Patrick N. Hogan Republican 2010 Environmental Matters
3B Frederick, Washington 1hough.jpg Hough, MichaelMichael Hough Republican 2010 Appropriations
4A Frederick 1 kath afzali.jpg Afzali, KathyKathy Afzali Republican 2010 Ways and Means
4A Frederick 1kelley schulz.jpg Schulz, Kelly M.Kelly M. Schulz Republican 2010 Economic Matters
4B Carroll, Frederick Donald B. Elliott (2007).jpg Elliott, Donald B.Donald B. Elliott Republican 1986 Health and Government Operations
5A Carroll Justin Ready approaching the State House, Annapolis, Maryland - 20110411.jpg Ready, JustinJustin Ready Republican 2010 Health and Government Operations
5A Carroll Nancy R. Stocksdale (2007).jpg Stocksdale, NancyNancy Stocksdale Republican 1994 Appropriations
5B Carroll, Baltimore County Wade Kach (2007).jpg Kach, WadeWade Kach Republican 1974 Health and Government Operations
6 Baltimore County Joseph J. Minnick (2007).jpg Minnick, Joseph J.Joseph J. Minnick Democratic 1988[2] Economic Matters
6 Baltimore County John A. Olszewski, Jr. (2007).jpg Olszewski, JohnJohn Olszewski Democratic 2006[2] Ways and Means
6 Baltimore County Michael H. Weir, Jr.jpg Weir, Jr., Michael H.Michael H. Weir, Jr. Democratic 2002 Environmental Matters
7 Baltimore County, Harford Richard Impallaria (2007).jpg Impallaria, RichardRichard Impallaria Republican 2002 Economic Matters
7 Baltimore County, Harford Patrick L. McDonough (2007).jpg McDonough, PatPat McDonough Republican 1978 Health and Government Operations
7 Baltimore County, Harford 1szeliga.jpg Szeliga, KathyKathy Szeliga Republican 2010 Appropriations
8 Baltimore County Joe Boteler (2007).jpg Boteler, JoeJoe Boteler Republican 2002 Environmental Matters
8 Baltimore County Eric M. Bromwell (2007).jpg Bromwell, Eric M.Eric M. Bromwell Democratic 2002 Health and Government Operations
8 Baltimore County 1delegate cluster.jpg Cluster, Jr., John W. E.John W. E. Cluster, Jr. Republican 2010 Judiciary
9A Howard Gail H. Bates (2007).jpg Bates, Gail H.Gail H. Bates Republican 2002[2] Appropriations
9A Howard Warren E. Miller (2007).jpg Miller, Warren E.Warren E. Miller Republican 2003[2] Economic Matters
9B Carroll Del Susan Krebs.jpg Krebs, Susan W.Susan W. Krebs Republican 2002 Ways and Means
10 Baltimore County Emmett C. Burns, Jr. (2007).jpg Burns, EmmettEmmett Burns Democratic 1994 Economic Matters
10 Baltimore County Adrienne A. Jones (November 2007).jpg Jones, Adrienne A.Adrienne A. Jones Democratic 1997[2] Appropriations
10 Baltimore County Shirley Nathan-Pulliam (2007).jpg Nathan-Pulliam, ShirleyShirley Nathan-Pulliam Democratic 1994 Health and Government Operations
11 Baltimore County CardinMain.jpg Cardin, Jon S.Jon S. Cardin Democratic 2002 Ways and Means
11 Baltimore County Dan K. Morhaim (2007).jpg Morhaim, Dan K.Dan K. Morhaim Democratic 1994 Health and Government Operations
11 Baltimore County Dana-Stein.jpg Stein, DanaDana Stein Democratic 2002[2] Environmental Matters
12A Baltimore County, Howard Steven J. DeBoy, Sr. (2008).jpg DeBoy, SteveSteve DeBoy Democratic 2002 Appropriations
12A Baltimore County, Howard James E. Malone, Jr. (2007).jpg Malone, JamesJames Malone Democratic 1994 Environmental Matters (Vice-Chair)
12B Howard Elizabeth Bobo (2007).jpg Bobo, ElizabethElizabeth Bobo Democratic 1994 Environmental Matters
13 Howard Guy Guzzone (2007).jpg Guzzone, GuyGuy Guzzone Democratic 2006 Appropriations
13 Howard Shane Pendergrass (2007).jpg Pendergrass, ShaneShane Pendergrass Democratic 1994 Health and Government Operations
13 Howard Frank S. Turner (2007).jpg Turner, Frank S.Frank S. Turner Democratic 1994 Ways and Means
14 Montgomery Anne R. Kaiser (2007-04-24).jpg Kaiser, Anne R.Anne R. Kaiser Democratic 2002 Ways and Means
14 Montgomery Eric Luedtke.jpg Luedtke, EricEric Luedtke Democratic 2010 Ways and Means
14 Montgomery CraigZucker.JPG Zucker, CraigCraig Zucker Democratic 2010 Appropriations
15 Montgomery 102907 Kathleen M Dumais.jpg Dumais, Kathleen M.Kathleen M. Dumais Democratic 2002 Judiciary (Vice-Chair)
15 Montgomery Brian J. Feldman (2007).jpg Feldman, Brian J.Brian J. Feldman Democratic 2002 Economic Matters
15 Montgomery Aruna Miller.jpg Miller, ArunaAruna Miller Democratic 2010 Ways and Means
16 Montgomery William Frick (2007).jpg Frick, WilliamWilliam Frick Democratic 2007[3] Ways and Means
16 Montgomery 1akelly.jpg Kelly, ArianaAriana Kelly Democratic 2010 Health and Government Operations
16 Montgomery Susan C. Lee (2007).jpg Lee, Susan C.Susan C. Lee Democratic 2002[2] Judiciary
17 Montgomery Kumar P. Barve (2007).jpg Barve, Kumar P.Kumar P. Barve Democratic 1990 Ways and Means
17 Montgomery James W. Gilchrist (2007).jpg Gilchrist, James W.James W. Gilchrist Democratic 2006 Environmental Matters
17 Montgomery Luiz R. S. Simmons (2007).jpg Simmons, LuizLuiz Simmons Democratic 1978 Judiciary
18 Montgomery Alfred C. Carr.jpg Carr, Jr., Alfred C.Alfred C. Carr, Jr. Democratic 2007[3] Environmental Matters
18 Montgomery Ana Sol Gutierrez (2007).jpg Gutierrez, Ana SolAna Sol Gutierrez Democratic 2002 Appropriations
18 Montgomery Jeff Waldstreicher (2007).jpg Waldstreicher, JeffJeff Waldstreicher Democratic 2006 Judiciary
19 Montgomery 1arora.jpg Arora, SamSam Arora Democratic 2010 Judiciary
19 Montgomery 1cullison.jpg Cullison, BonnieBonnie Cullison Democratic 2010 Health and Government Operations
19 Montgomery Benjamin F. Kramer (2008).jpg Kramer, BenBen Kramer Democratic 2006 Economic Matters
20 Montgomery Tom Hucker.jpg Hucker, TomTom Hucker Democratic 2006 Economic Matters
20 Montgomery Sheila E. Hixson (2007).jpg Hixson, Sheila E.Sheila E. Hixson Democratic 1976[2] Ways and Means (Chair)
20 Montgomery Heather Mizeur (2007).jpg Mizeur, Heather R.Heather R. Mizeur Democratic 2006 Health and Government Operations
21 Anne Arundel, Prince George's Barbara A. Frush (2007).jpg Frush, Barbara A.Barbara A. Frush Democratic 1994 Environmental Matters
21 Anne Arundel, Prince George's Benjamin S. Barnes (2007).jpg Barnes, BenBen Barnes Democratic 2006 Economic Matters
21 Anne Arundel, Prince George's Joseline Peña-Melnyk (2007).jpg Pena-Melnyk, JoselineJoseline Pena-Melnyk Democratic 2006 Health and Government Operations
22 Prince George's Tawanna P. Gaines (2007).jpg Gaines, TawannaTawanna Gaines Democratic 2001[2] Appropriations
22 Prince George's Anne Healey (2007).jpg Healey, AnneAnne Healey Democratic 1990 Environmental Matters
22 Prince George's Justin D. Ross (2007).jpg Ross, Justin D.Justin D. Ross Democratic 2002 Ways and Means
23A Prince George's James W. Hubbard (2007).jpg Hubbard, James W.James W. Hubbard Democratic 1992[2] Health and Government Operations
23A Prince George's Geraldine Valentino-Smith (2011).jpg Valentino-Smith, GeraldineGeraldine Valentino-Smith Democratic 2010 Judiciary
23B Prince George's Marvin E. Holmes, Jr. (2007).jpg Holmes, MarvinMarvin Holmes Democratic 2002 Environmental Matters
24 Prince George's 1tiffany alston.jpg Alston, TiffanyTiffany Alston Democratic 2010 Judiciary
24 Prince George's Carolyn J. B. Howard (2007).jpg Howard, CarolynCarolyn Howard Democratic 1988[2] Ways and Means
24 Prince George's Michael L. Vaughn (2007).jpg Vaughn, Michael L.Michael L. Vaughn Democratic 2002 Economic Matters
25 Prince George's Aisha N. Braveboy (2007).jpg Braveboy, Aisha N.Aisha N. Braveboy Democratic 2006 Economic Matters
25 Prince George's Dereck E. Davis (2007).jpg Davis, Dereck E.Dereck E. Davis Democratic 1994 Economic Matters (Chair)
25 Prince George's Melony G. Griffith (2007).jpg Griffith, Melony G.Melony G. Griffith Democratic 1998 Appropriations
26 Prince George's Veronica L. Turner (2007).jpg Turner, Veronica L.Veronica L. Turner Democratic 2002 Health and Government Operations
26 Prince George's Kris Valderrama (2007).jpg Valderrama, KrisKris Valderrama Democratic 2006 Judiciary
26 Prince George's Jay Walker (quarterback and politician) (2007).jpg Walker, JayJay Walker Democratic 2006 Economic Matters
27A Calvert, Prince George's James E. Proctor, Jr. (2007).jpg Proctor, JimJim Proctor Democratic 1990[2] Appropriations (Vice-Chair)
27A Calvert, Prince George's Joseph F. Vallario, Jr. (2007).jpg Vallario, JoeJoe Vallario Democratic 1974 Judiciary (Chair)
27B Calvert Mark N. Fisher (2011).jpg Fisher, Mark N.Mark N. Fisher Republican 2010 Ways and Means
28 Charles Peter Murphy 2007.jpg Murphy, PeterPeter Murphy Democratic 2006 Health and Government Operations
28 Charles Sally Y. Jameson (2007).jpg Jameson, Sally Y.Sally Y. Jameson Democratic 2002 Economic Matters
28 Charles 1ct wilson.jpg Wilson, C.T.C.T. Wilson Democratic 2010 Environmental Matters
29A Charles, St. Mary's John F. Wood, Jr. (2007).jpg Wood, Jr., John F.John F. Wood, Jr. Democratic 1986 Appropriations
29B St. Mary's John L. Bohanan, Jr. (2007).jpg Bohanan, JohnJohn Bohanan Democratic 1999[2] Appropriations
29C Calvert, St. Mary's Tony O'Donnell (2007).jpg O'Donnell, TonyTony O'Donnell Republican 1994 Environmental Matters
30 Anne Arundel 1 mike busch at bill signing 2008.jpg Busch, Michael E.Michael E. Busch Democratic 1986 Speaker of the House of Delegates
30 Anne Arundel Ron George (2008).jpg George, RonRon George Republican 2006 Ways and Means
30 Anne Arundel Herb McMillan (2011).jpg McMillan, HerbHerb McMillan Republican 2010 Environmental Matters
31 Anne Arundel Don H. Dwyer, Jr. (2007).jpg Dwyer, DonDon Dwyer Republican 2006 Judiciary
31 Anne Arundel Nic Kipke (2007).jpg Kipke, NicNic Kipke Republican 2002 Health and Government Operations
31 Anne Arundel Steve Schuh (2007).jpg Schuh, SteveSteve Schuh Republican 2006 Economic Matters
32 Anne Arundel Pamela Beidle (2007).jpg Beidle, PamelaPamela Beidle Democratic 2006 Environmental Matters
32 Anne Arundel Mary Ann Love (2007).jpg Love, Mary AnnMary Ann Love Democratic 1993 Economic Matters
32 Anne Arundel Tedsophocleus.jpg Sophocleus, TedTed Sophocleus Democratic 1992 Appropriations
33A Anne Arundel Tony McConkey (2007).jpg McConkey, TonyTony McConkey Republican 2002 Judiciary
33A Anne Arundel Cathy Vitale (2011).jpg Vitale, CathyCathy Vitale Republican 2010 Environmental Matters
33B Anne Arundel Robert A. Costa (2007).jpg Costa, Robert A.Robert A. Costa Republican 2002 Health and Government Operations
34A Cecil, Harford 1glen glass.jpg Glass, GlenGlen Glass Republican 2010 Ways and Means
34A Cecil, Harford Mary-Dulany James (2008).jpg James, Mary-DulanyMary-Dulany James Democratic 1998 Appropriations
34B Cecil David D. Rudolph (2007).jpg Rudolph, David D.David D. Rudolph Democratic 1994 Economic Matters (Vice-Chair)
35A Harford H. Wayne Norman, Jr. (2008).jpg Norman, WayneWayne Norman Republican 2007[3] Environmental Matters
35A Harford Donna Stifler (2007).jpg Stifler, DonnaDonna Stifler Republican 2006 Economic Matters
35B Harford Susan K. McComas (2007).jpg McComas, SusanSusan McComas Republican 2002 Judiciary
36 Caroline, Cecil, Kent, Queen Anne's Stephen S. Hershey, Jr. (2011).jpg Hershey, Jr., Stephen S.Stephen S. Hershey, Jr. Republican 2010 Economic Matters
36 Caroline, Cecil, Kent, Queen Anne's 1jay jacobs.jpg Jacobs, JayJay Jacobs Republican 2010 Environmental Matters
36 Caroline, Cecil, Kent, Queen Anne's Michael D. Smigiel, Sr. (2007).jpg Smigiel, Michael D.Michael D. Smigiel Republican 2002 Judiciary
37A Dorchester, Wicomico Rudolph C. Cane (2007).jpg Cane, Rudolph C.Rudolph C. Cane Democratic 1998 Environmental Matters
37B Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot, Wicomico Adelaide C. Eckardt (November 2007).jpg Eckardt, AddieAddie Eckardt Republican 1994 Appropriations
37B Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot, Wicomico Jeannie Haddaway (2007).jpg Haddaway, JeannieJeannie Haddaway Republican 2002 Economic Matters
38A Somerset, Wicomico Charles J. Otto (2011).jpg Otto, Charles JamesCharles James Otto Republican 2010 Environmental Matters
38B Wicomico, Worcester Norman Conway (2007).jpg Conway, NormanNorman Conway Democratic 1986 Appropriations (Chair)
38B Wicomico, Worcester 1mikemcdermott.jpg McDermott, MikeMike McDermott Republican 2010 Judiciary
39 Montgomery Charles E. Barkley (2007).jpg Barkley, Charles E.Charles E. Barkley Democratic 1998 Appropriations
39 Montgomery Kirill Reznik (2007).jpg Reznik, KirillKirill Reznik Democratic 2007[3] Health and Government Operations
39 Montgomery 1shanerobinson.JPG Robinson, ShaneShane Robinson Democratic 2010 Environmental Matters
40 Baltimore City Frank M. Conaway, Jr. (2007).jpg Conaway, FrankFrank Conaway Democratic 2006 Judiciary
40 Baltimore City Barbara A. Robinson (2007).JPG Robinson, BarbaraBarbara Robinson Democratic 2006 Appropriations
40 Baltimore City Sean Z. Tarrant (2007).jpg Tarrant, Shawn Z.Shawn Z. Tarrant Democratic 2006 Health and Government Operations
41 Baltimore City Jill P. Carter (2007).jpg Carter, Jill P.Jill P. Carter Democratic 2002 Judiciary
41 Baltimore City Nathaniel T. Oaks (2007).jpg Oaks, Nathaniel T.Nathaniel T. Oaks Democratic 1982 Health and Government Operations
41 Baltimore City Samuel I. Rosenberg (2007).jpg Rosenberg, SandySandy Rosenberg Democratic 1982 Ways and Means (Vice-Chair)
42 Baltimore County Stephen Lafferty (2007).jpg Lafferty, StephenStephen Lafferty Democratic 2006 Environmental Matters
42 Baltimore County Susan Aumann (2007).jpg Aumann, SusanSusan Aumann Republican 2002 Appropriations
42 Baltimore County William J. Frank (2008).jpg Frank, William J.William J. Frank Republican 2002 Health and Government Operations
43 Baltimore City Curt Anderson (2007).jpg Anderson, CurtCurt Anderson Democratic 1982 Judiciary
43 Baltimore City Maggie McIntosh (2008).jpg McIntosh, MaggieMaggie McIntosh Democratic 1992[2] Environmental Matters (Chair)
43 Baltimore City 1mary washington.jpg Washington, Mary L.Mary L. Washington Democratic 2010 Appropriations
44 Baltimore City Keith E. Haynes (2007).jpg Haynes, Keith E.Keith E. Haynes Democratic 2002 Appropriations
44 Baltimore City Keifmitchell.jpg Mitchell, KeifferKeiffer Mitchell Democratic 1982 Judiciary
44 Baltimore City Melvin L. Stukes (2007).jpg Stukes, Melvin L.Melvin L. Stukes Democratic 2006 Ways and Means
45 Baltimore City Talmadge Branch (2007).jpg Branch, TalmadgeTalmadge Branch Democratic 1994 Ways and Means
45 Baltimore City Cheryl Glenn (2007).jpg Glenn, CherylCheryl Glenn Democratic 2006 Environmental Matters
45 Baltimore City Hattie N. Harrison (2007).jpg Harrison, Hattie N.Hattie N. Harrison Democratic 1973[2] Economic Matters
46 Baltimore City 1luke clippinger.jpg Clippinger, LukeLuke Clippinger Democratic 2010 Judiciary
46 Baltimore City Peter A. Hammen (2007).jpg Hammen, Peter A.Peter A. Hammen Democratic 1994 Health and Government Operations (Chair)
46 Baltimore City Brian K. McHale (2007).jpg McHale, Brian K.Brian K. McHale Democratic 1990 Economic Matters
47 Prince George's Jolene Ivey (2007).jpg Ivey, JoleneJolene Ivey Democratic 2006 Ways and Means
47 Prince George's Doyle Niemann (2007).jpg Niemann, Doyle L.Doyle L. Niemann Democratic 2002 Environmental Matters
47 Prince George's Mike summers.jpg Summers, Michael G.Michael G. Summers Democratic 2010 Ways and Means

Notable legislation enacted[edit]

  • Primary and Secondary Education Funding The budget bill, Senate Bill 140, enacted by the 427th Maryland General Assembly increased Maryland State aid for primary and secondary education by $210.5 million in fiscal 2011 to a total of $5.7 billion. State aid provided directly to the local boards of education was increased by $119.7 million or 2.5%, while teachers’ retirement costs, which are paid by the State on behalf of the local school systems, will increase from $759.1 million to $849.8 million.[4]
  • Senate Bill 517 - Maryland Gang Prosecution Act of 2010 The increasing number of gangs had created a significant problem in most areas of the country, including Maryland. More than 600 active gangs are reported to be in the State with more than 11,000 members. The Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services has also identified approximately 4,000 inmates as participating in more than 260 different gangs inside its correctional facilities. Inter alia, SB 517 modifies the definition of “criminal gang” by repealing the requirement that an association of three or more persons whose members meet certain criteria be ongoing and by repealing “an identifying sign, symbol, name, leader, or purpose” as common factors and substituting “an overt or covert organizational or command structure.”[5]
  • House Bill 934 - Distracted Driving, Handheld Cell Phones This bill outlaws the use of handheld phones by drivers while operating a motor vehicle. The bill aloso prohibits drivers of a school vehicles, the holders of a learner’s instructional permit or provisional driver’s licenses from driving and talking on hand held cell phones as well. The bill's prohibitions do not apply to the emergency use of a handheld telephone. Commercial drivers using push-to-talk technology are exempted as well.[6]


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