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42 Below is a brand of vodka from New Zealand. It is marketed by 42 Below Limited, which is owned by the New Zealand subsidiary of Bacardi Limited. The product is available in flavours including feijoa, mānuka honey, passionfruit, and kiwifruit.


42 Below vodka was launched in 1998.[1] In 2005, 42 Below Limited was the fastest-growing company in New Zealand, as judged by the Deloitte/Unlimited Fast 50.[2]

42 Below Limited undertook an initial public offer of shares and warrants in 2003.[3] The shares and warrants were quoted on the NZSX market operated by New Zealand Exchange Limited (NZX).

On 27 September 2006, 42 Below Limited received a takeover offer from Bacardi Limited at 77 cents per share. This placed the company value at NZ$138 million.[citation needed] The takeover received over 90% shareholder acceptance of the offer.[1] As of 2014, 42 Below Limited is a wholly owned member of the Bacardi group. Barcardi Limited is the largest privately held, family-owned spirits company in the world.[4]

The vodka was introduced to the US market in 2006,[citation needed] focused on New York, Los Angeles, and Austin.


42 Below used to be a little stronger than most other vodkas (84 proof). It uses a process that is closest to the grain (wheat) based vodka of Scandinavia. 42 Below is made from GE-free wheat.[citation needed] The alcoholic content is now reduced to meet government tax levels, so gets a lower tax hence allows it compete with other big brands.[citation needed] The name is supposed to refer to the southern latitude where it is produced just north of Wellington on the country's 42nd parallel and also to its 42% alcohol content.

42 Below flavours include feijoa, passionfruit, kiwifruit, and mānuka honey.[5]

Other brands[edit]

South gin is an associated brand of gin marketed by 42 Below Limited. South gin is flavoured with juniper berries, lemon, orange, coriander seeds, angelica leaves, orris, gentian root, and two New Zealand natives, kawakawa leaves and manuka berries.[6][7]

42 Below Limited also produces Seven Tiki rum and Tahiti dark rum, and bottle '420' spring water, the water used to make 42 Below vodka.


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