45th Detached Reconnaissance Regiment

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45th Guards Spetsnaz Regiment
Russian 45th Separate Reconnaissance Regiment patch (new).gif
45th Spetsnaz Regiment patch
Active 1994 - present
Country Russia Russia
Branch Большая эмблема Воздушно-десантных войск России.png Russian Airborne Troops
Type Spetsnaz
Role Special reconnaissance
special operations
Direct Action
Size ~ 700 Commandos
Part of GRU emblem.svg GRU (operational subordination)
Garrison/HQ Kubinka, Moscow Oblast
Motto Побеждает сильнейший
(The strongest wins)
Mascot Wolf
Engagements First Chechen War
Second Chechen War
Georgian–Abkhazian conflict
2008 South Ossetia War
2014 Crimea crisis
Col. HoRF Vadim Pankov
Lt. Col. HoRF Anatoly Lebed

45th Guards Spetsnaz Regiment (Russian: 45-й отдельный гвардейский ордена Кутузова ордена Александра Невского полк специального назначения) is a special reconnaissance and special operations unit within the Russian Airborne Troops, and based in Moscow.


It was created in 1994 from the 901st Air- Assault Battalion (created in 1979) and 218th Spetsnaz Battalion of the Russian Airborne Troops, (created in 1992). The regiment has 690 commandos, 15 BTR-80, and 1 BTR-D; the 218th Battalion is based in Sokolniki.[1]

The unit is part of the Russian Airborne Troops (VDV)[2] and directly subordinated to VDV Headquarters. However it is also operationally subordinate to the GRU.[3]


Anatoly Lebed was a famous soldier and commanding officer of the regiment.

By July 1994, the regiment was formed and fully staffed.

On December 2, 1994 the regiment redeployed to Chechnya to participate in the elimination of illegal armed groups. Units of the regiment took part in the fighting until the February 12th 1995, when the regiment was moved back to the place of permanent deployment in the Moscow region. From March 15 through June 13, 1995 in Chechnya acted composite detachment of the regiment. On July 30, 1995, a monument was erected in Sokolniki in honor of the soldiers of the regiment, who were killed in the fighting.

May 9, 1995 for his services to the Russian Federation, the regiment was awarded the Russian Federation Presidential Certificate of Honour and participated in the parade at Poklonnaya Hill, the 50th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany as part of the Airborne troops.

From February to May 1997, a combined detachment of the regiment was in Gudauta in peacekeeping missions in the separation zone between the Georgian and Abkhaz armed forces.

May 1, 1998 the regiment was renamed in the 45th Airborne Reconnaissance Separate Regiment. 901th spetsnaz battalion disbanded in the spring of 1998.

From September 1999 to March 2006 consolidated reconnaissance detachment of the regiment participated in the counter-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus.

February 2, 2001 the regiment was awarded a pennant Minister of Defense "for courage, valor and high combat readiness."

August 8, 2001 in the territory of the regiment in Kubinka in the presence of Airborne Forces Commander Colonel-General Georgy Shpak has opened a new memorial in memory of the soldiers of the regiment killed in the line of duty. Every year, on January 8th, the regiment holds a Memorial Day for fallen soldiers.

Chest badge for Russian Guards(elite) troops.

In April - July 2005, it was decided to transfer the 45th Regiment Combat banner title "Guards" and the Order of Alexander Nevsky, owned disbanded in the same year.

In 2007, the 218th spetsnaz battalion was added to the unit, losing numbering and status of a separate military unit. Since then, the regiment consisted of two battalions.

February 1, 2008, the unit was renamed 45th Guards "Order of Alexander Nevsky" Special Purpose Separate Regiment.

In August 2008, units of the regiment took part in the operations in the 2008 South Ossetia War. Officer of the regiment, Hero of Russia Anatoly Lebed was awarded the Order of St. George IV degree.

Soldier from the 45th Order of Kutuzov Order of Alexander Nevsky Separate Regiment during training.

July 20, 2009, in accordance with Presidential Decree of 18 December 2006 № 1422 the regiment served St. George flag.

July 25, 2009, the day the regimental holiday in Kubinka held a small temple consecrated to the throne of the garrison of the 45th Guards separate regiment, consecrated in honor of the Mother of God "Blessed Heaven".

In April 2010, the battalion tactical group Regiment perform combat missions to ensure the safety of Russian citizens on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.

By Presidential Decree number 170 of February 9, 2011 the 45th became the first regiment in recent history that was awarded the Order of Kutuzov. The award ceremony took place on 4 April 2011 in the regimental base in Kubinka. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev personally attached to the St George regimental flag the badge and ribbon of the Order. Since that time 45th Separate Regiment have also Order of Kutuzov in name.

Through May - June 2012, a reconnaissance platoon of the 45th Regiment participated in joint exercises with the "Green Berets" at the American military base of the 10th Special Forces Group located at Fort Carson.

Decorated servicemen[edit]

For valor and bravery during combat operations the following decorations were awarded:

Dimitry Medvedev with members of the Airborne Forces adding the Order of Kutuzov to the unit’s St George banner.

A further ten commandos were given the title of Hero of the Russian Federation:

  • Vadim A. Gridnev
  • Vitaly Ermakov Yu (posthumously)
  • Dmitry Vasilyevich Jidkov (posthumously)
  • Alexander Laith (posthumously)
  • Anatoly V. Lebed
  • Andrey Nepryakhin
  • Vadim I. Pankov
  • Alexey Romanov
  • Alexey Rumyantsev (posthumously)
  • Yatsenko Pyotr Karlovich (posthumously)

Unit citations[edit]

Ribbon Award Year Location
Order of Alexander Nevsky 2010 ribbon.svg Order of Alexander Nevsky 2005 Russia
Order kutuzov1 rib.png Order of Kutuzov 2011 Russia

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