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New Zealand Parliament

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The 46th New Zealand Parliament was a term of the New Zealand Parliament. Its composition was determined by the 1999 election, and it sat until the 2002 election.

The 46th Parliament marked a change of government, with a coalition of the Labour Party and the Alliance taking office. Helen Clark replaced Jenny Shipley as Prime Minister. The National Party, which had formed a minority government for the last part of the 45th Parliament, became the largest opposition party, eventually emerging under a new leader, Bill English. Other parties in Parliament were ACT, the Greens, New Zealand First, and United. Several parties represented at the end of the previous Parliament, such as Mauri Pacific, were wiped out, failing to retain any of their seats.

The 46th Parliament consisted of one hundred and twenty representatives. Sixty-seven of these representatives were chosen by geographical electorates, including six Māori electorates. The remainder were elected by means of party-list proportional representation under the Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) electoral system.

Electoral boundaries for the 46th Parliament[edit]


Initial composition of the 46th Parliament[edit]

The table below shows the results of the 1999 general election:


 National    Labour    Alliance    Green  
 ACT    United NZ    NZ First    Mauri Pacific  
Electorate results of the New Zealand general election, 1999[1]
Electorate Incumbent Winner Majority Runner up Third place
General electorates
Albany Don McKinnon Murray McCully Hamish McCracken (Labour) Heather Ann McConachy (Alliance)
Aoraki Jim Sutton Wayne F Marriott (National) Lynley Simmons (Alliance)
Auckland Central Judith Tizard Martin Poulsen (National) Sandra Lee (Alliance)
Banks Peninsula David Carter Ruth Dyson David Carter (National) Maevis Watson (Alliance)
Bay of Plenty Tony Ryall Terry Hughes (Labour) Peter Brown (NZ First)
Christchurch Central Tim Barnett John Stringer (National) Liz Gordon (Alliance)
Christchurch East Larry Sutherland Lianne Dalziel John Knox (National) Paul Piesse (Alliance)
Clutha-Southland Bill English Lesley Soper (Labour) Dave Mackie (NZ First)
Coromandel Murray McLean Jeanette Fitzsimons Murray McLean (National) Margaret Hawkeswood (Labour)
Dunedin North Pete Hodgson Katherine Rich (National) Quentin Findlay (Alliance)
Dunedin South Michael Cullen David Benson-Pope Russel Keast (National) Mark Ryan (Alliance)
East Coast (new electorate) Janet Mackey Matthew Parkinson (National) Gavin MacLean (Alliance)
Epsom Christine Fletcher Richard Worth Rodney Hide (ACT) David Jacobs (Labour)
Hamilton East Tony Steel Dianne Yates (Labour) Peter Jamieson (Alliance)
Hamilton West Bob Simcock Martin Gallagher Bob Simcock (National) Dave Macpherson (Alliance)
Hunua Warren Kyd Paul Schofield (Labour) Janice Graham (Alliance)
Hutt South Trevor Mallard Clare Radomske (National) Christopher Milne (ACT)
Ilam Gerry Brownlee Alison Wilkie (Labour) Lois Griffiths (Alliance)
Invercargill Mark Peck Eric Roy (National) Stephnie de Ruyter (Alliance)
Kaikoura Doug Kidd Lynda Scott Brian McNamara (Labour) Ian Ewen-Street (Green)
Karapiro John Luxton Lindsay Tisch Paul Cronin (Labour) John Pemberton (Alliance)
Mana Graham Kelly Mark Thomas (National) Moira Ann Lawler (Alliance)
Mangere Taito Phillip Field Sylvia Taylor (National) Finau Kolo (Alliance)
Manukau East Ross Robertson Ken Yee (National) Charles Lowndes (ACT)
Manurewa George Hawkins Enosa Auva'a (National) Toia Lucas (Alliance)
Maungakiekie Belinda Vernon Mark Gosche Belinda Vernon (National) Matt Robson (Alliance)
Mount Albert (new electorate) Helen Clark Noelene Buckland (National) Jill Ovens (Alliance)
Mount Roskill (new electorate) Phil Goff Phil Raffills (National) Sarah Martin (Alliance)
Napier Geoff Braybrooke Anne Tolley (National) Robin Gwynn (Alliance)
Nelson Nick Smith Simon Fraser (Labour) Mary Ellen O'Connor (Alliance)
New Plymouth Harry Duynhoven Len Jury (National) Tom Smithers[nb 1] (N/A)
North Shore Wayne Mapp Helen Duncan (Labour) Michael Pinkney (ACT)
Northcote Ian Revell Ann Hartley Ian Revell (National) Grant Gillon (Alliance)
Northland John Carter Les Robertson (Labour) Ian Walker (NZ First)
Ohariu-Belmont Peter Dunne Derek Best (Labour) Kathryn Asare (ACT)
Otago Gavan Herlihy Val Dearman (Labour) Bill Holvey (Alliance)
Otaki Judy Keall Roger Sowry (National) Russell Franklin (Alliance)
Pakuranga Maurice Williamson Patrick Hine (Labour) Dick Quax (ACT)
Palmerston North Steve Maharey George Halligan (National) John Gerard Hehir (Alliance)
Port Waikato Bill Birch Paul Hutchison Trish Ryan (Labour) David Fowler (Alliance)
Rakaia Jenny Shipley Diane Schurgers (Labour) Annabel Taylor (Alliance)
Rangitikei Denis Marshall Simon Power Craig Walsham (Labour) Dion Martin (Alliance)
Rimutaka Paul Swain Stuart Blair Roddick (National) Brendan Tracey (Alliance)
Rodney Lockwood Smith Mark Domney (Labour) Jill Jeffs (Independent)
Rongotai Annette King Stuart Boag (National) Richard Wernham (Green)
Rotorua Max Bradford Steve Chadwick Max Bradford (National) Lynne Dempsey (Green)
Tamaki Clem Simich Lynne Pillay (Labour) Alex Swney (ACT)
Taranaki-King Country Shane Ardern John Young (Labour) Kevin Campbell (Alliance)
Taupo Mark Burton David Steele (National) Nick Fisher (Green)
Tauranga Winston Peters Katherine O'Regan (National) Margaret Wilson (Labour)
Te Atatu (new electorate) Chris Carter Vanessa Neeson (National) Laila Harré (Alliance)
Titirangi (new electorate) David Cunliffe Marie Hasler (National) Stephen Abel (Green)
Tukituki Rick Barker Larry White (National) John Ormond (ACT)
Waimakariri Mike Moore Clayton Cosgrove Gideon Couper (National) John Wright (Alliance)
Wairarapa Wyatt Creech Georgina Beyer Paul Henry (National) Cathy Casey (Alliance)
Waitakere Marie Hasler Brian Neeson Jonathan Hunt (Labour) David Clendon (Green)
Wellington Central Richard Prebble Marian Hobbs Richard Prebble (ACT) Michael Appleby[nb 2] (N/A)
West Coast-Tasman Damien O'Connor Rod O'Beirne (National) Pat O'Dea (NZ First)
Whanganui Jill Pettis Chester Borrows (National) Mark Middleton (Independent)
Whangarei John Banks Phil Heatley Denise Jelicich (Labour) Brian Donnelly (NZ First)
Wigram Jim Anderton Angus McKay (National) Mike Mora (Labour)
Māori electorates
Hauraki Maori (new electorate) John Tamihere Josie Anderson (NZ First) Willie Jackson (Alliance)
Ikaroa-Rawhiti (new electorate) Parekura Horomia Derek Fox (Independent) Bill Gudgeon (NZ First)
Te Tai Hauauru Tuku Morgan Nanaia Mahuta Lorraine Anderson (NZ First) Tuku Morgan[nb 3] (N/A)
Te Tai Tokerau Tau Henare Dover Samuels Anaru George (NZ First) Tau Henare[nb 4] (N/A)
Te Tai Tonga Tu Wyllie Mahara Okeroa Tu Wyllie (NZ First) Vern Winitana (Alliance)
Waiariki (new electorate) Mita Ririnui Tuariki Delamere[nb 5] (N/A) Arapeta Tahana (Alliance)

Table footnotes:

  1. ^ Smithers stood for Future New Zealand in New Plymouth
  2. ^ Appleby stood for the Legalise Cannabis Party in Wellington Central
  3. ^ Morgan stood for Mauri Pacific in Te Tai Hauauru
  4. ^ Henare stood for Mauri Pacific in Te Tai Tokerau
  5. ^ Delamere stood for Te Tawharau in Waiariki

Changes during term[edit]

There were no by-elections held during the term of the 46th Parliament.


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