473rd Infantry Regiment (United States)

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473rd Infantry Regiment
Active 1945
Country United States of America
Branch Army
Type Infantry
Size Regiment
Nickname Flakfeet
Engagements World War II
Battle honours Rome-Arno Campaign
W. P. Yarborough

The 473rd US Infantry Regiment was an infantry unit that served on the Italian Front during World War II. It was created on January 14, 1945 from existing anti-aircraft units that were no longer needed to defend against enemy aircraft. It was raised from the Headquarters Troop, 2nd Armored Group and the 434th, 435th, 532nd and 900th Anti-Aircraft Artillery-Automatic Weapons Battalions.

Most of the elements of the 473rd had been parts of Task Force 45. This was a division-sized unit built around the US 45th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Brigade with attached British, Brazilian, and Italian elements. The 473rd Inf Regt, a white unit, was assigned for some time to the black 92nd Infantry Division starting from February 24, 1945 until May 17, 1945. It was used to replace the black 365th Infantry Regiment, which was reassigned to US IV Corps.

In August 1945 it was deactivated in Italy.

473rd Regiment Memorial Nicola (SP) Italy


Colonel Willis D. Cronk of Headquarters Troop, 2nd Armored Group was placed in command during the reorganization but was soon replaced by Col. William P. Yarborough.

Headquarters Company, 473rd

  • 1st Battalion / 473 Inf Regt (CO: Lt.-Col. Peter L. Urban, Lt.Col. Phelan, Maj Verhuel)
  • 2nd Battalion / 473 Inf Regt (CO: Lt.-Col Hampton H. Lisle, Maj Crandall)
  • 3rd Battalion / 473 Inf Regt (CO: Maj. Paul Woodward)