480 Hansa

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480 Hansa
Discovered by Max Wolf
Luigi Carnera
Discovery site Heidelberg
Discovery date May 21, 1901
1901 GL
main belt, hansa family
Orbital characteristics
Epoch August 18, 2005 (JDCT 2453600.5)
Aphelion 2.768 AU
Perihelion 2.521 AU
2.644 AU
Eccentricity 0.047
4.300 a
Inclination 21.292°

480 Hansa is a minor planet orbiting the Sun.

This object is the namesake of the Hansa family[1] of 162–839 asteroids that share similar spectral properties and orbital elements. Hence they may have arisen from the same collisional event. All members have a relatively high orbital inclination.[2]


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