4:21... The Day After

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4:21 ...The Day After
Studio album by Method Man
Released August 29, 2006
Recorded 2005-2006
Genre East Coast hip hop
Length 62:36
Label Def Jam
Producer RZA, Havoc, Erick Sermon, Versatile, Mathematics, Kwamé, Mr. Porter, The Chairman of the Boards, Scott Storch
Method Man chronology
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4:21... The Day After
Blackout! 2
Wu-Tang Clan solo chronology
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Made in Brooklyn
4:21... The Day After
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4:21 ...The Day After is the fourth studio album by New York City rapper, and Wu-Tang Clan member, Method Man. The album was released on the Def Jam label on August 29, 2006, to mostly positive reviews.


The album features guest appearances from Fat Joe, Styles P, Redman, and various Wu-Tang Clan members. Production is handled by RZA, Havoc, Kwamé, Erick Sermon and Scott Storch, amongst others. U-God appears in the song "The Glide" but isn't credited.

The track "The Glide" uses a slightly-reworked version of the beat for "Skrilla," an unreleased O.D.B. song produced by RZA.

In regard to RZA's contributions to the album, Method Man explained:

"RZA was the first name I said when I spoke to Jay-Z, when he signed off on the album budget. I’m happy with the outcome, but I think RZA could have had a little bit more input, but he was busy at the time."

"This is just more RZA on production, shit like that. But some of the shit I couldn't do, because some of these producers were screaming out these niggas want a $100,000 for a track. Fuck that! Kiss my ass. I'm not paying nobody a $100,000 for shit, unless I can live in that mothafucka."[1][2]

Method Man explained the album's title:

"The national weed smoking day is 4/20, so I named my album 4/21 the day after. Because after that day, you have this moment of clarity when you’re not high and you see things clearly."[3]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[4]
Blender 3/5 stars[5]
Entertainment Weekly B[6]
Okayplayer 4/5 stars[7]
PopMatters (7/10)[8]
RapReviews (8/10)[9]
Slant 3.5/5 stars[10]
Stylus B−[11]
Vibe favorable[12]
XXL Magazine 4/5 stars[13]

Track listing[edit]

# Title Producer(s) Samples Time
01 "Intro" RZA
  • "Educational Archives: Sex & Drugs" Documentary
02 "Is It Me" Scott Storch 3:44
03 "Problem" Erick Sermon 3:30
04 "Somebody Done Fucked Up" Havoc 3:18
05 "Shaolin Soldier" (Skit) 0:21
06 "Fall Out" Kwamé 3:24
07 "Dirty Mef" (feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard) Erick Sermon, Mathematics 2:54
08 "4:20" (feat. Streetlife, Carlton Fisk) RZA & Beretta 9 4:34
09 "Let's Ride" (feat. Ginuwine) Mr. Porter 3:10
10 "The Glide" (feat. Raekwon, U-God, La the Darkman) RZA 3:05
11 "Kids" (Skit) 0:47
12 "Got to Have It" Erick Sermon 4:13
13 "Say" Erick Sermon 3:49
14 "Ya'Meen" (feat. Fat Joe, Styles P) The Chairman of the Boards 4:21
15 "Konichiwa Bitches" RZA 2:59
16 "Everything" (feat. Inspectah Deck, Streetlife) Mathematics 3:39
17 "Walk On" (feat. Redman) Versatile 2:49
18 "Pimpin'" (Skit) 0:39
19 "Presidential MC" (feat. Raekwon, RZA) RZA 4:30
20 "4 Ever" (feat. Megan Rochell) Kwamé 4:04
21 "O.D. (UK Bonus Track)" Kwamé 3:32

Album singles[edit]

Album chart positions[edit]

Year Chart positions
Billboard 200 Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums Top Rap Albums
2006 8 4 3



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