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This is the filmography of the South Korean girl group 4Minute. 4Minute have been in the music business ever since debuting in 2009.


Year Title Role Member Other notes
2010 Midnight FM Hyuna, Jihyun Hyuna, Jihyun
2014 Hwanggu Misoo Sohyun Lead Role


Guest appearances[edit]

Year Show Notes
2009 Super Junior's Miracle Show Hyuna performs "My Ear's Candy" with Eunhyuk.[1]
2010 Flower Bouquet MBC's December 19 show.[2]
2012 Issue and People YTN's April 30 show[3]
2012 Weekly Idol MBCevery1's May 16 show with BtoB.[4]
2012 Entertainment Weekly KBS 2TV's April 28 show for their Guerrilla Date segment where they talked about diet secrets[5][6]
2012 Miss and Mister Idol Korea MBC TV Chuseok contest special aired October 1 involving 16 idol groups.[7]
2012 KBS Idol Crown Prince Chuseok Special KBS Chuseok special[8]
2012 SBS Star King
2013 Entertainment Relay KBS's May 4 show for their Guerrilla Date segment where they played a truth game while inhaling helium gas.[9][10]
2013 Entertainment Weekly KBS World's May 16 show for their Guerrilla Date segment.[11]
2013 Weekly Idol MBCevery1's March 20 and March 27 show.
2013 Saturday Night Live Korea hosted the April 27 show.[12][13][14]

Shows and Documentaries[edit]

A list of variety shows and documentaries that stars 4Minute.

Year Show Network Notes
2009 MTV 4minute MTV documentary series
2010 4minute's Friend Day MTV The group makes friends with ordinary people.[15]
2010 4minute's All In SBS [16]
2011 4Minute's Mr. Teacher E-Channel Celebrity guests teach the group how to become international pop stars.[17][18]
2011 4Minute @ Shikshin Road -- --[citation needed]
2011 Exciting Cube TV Mnet with Beast, G.NA and other members of Cube Entertainment[19]
2012 4Minute's Travel Maker QTV Korea travel documentary series.[20][21]

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