4th Goya Awards

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4th Goya Awards
4th Goya Awards logo.jpg
Date March 10, 1990
Site Palacio de Congresos de Madrid
Host Carmen Maura and Andrés Pajares
Best Film Twisted Obsession
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The 4th Goya Awards were presented in Madrid, Spain on 10 March 1990.

Twisted Obsession won the award for Best Film.

Winners and nominees[edit]

Major award nominees[edit]

Best Film Best Director
Best Actor Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor Best Supporting Actress
Best Original Screenplay Best Adaptated Screenplay
Best New Director Best Animated Film
  • Ana Díez – Ander Eta Yul
    • Cristina Andreu – Brumal
    • Isabel CoixetToo Old to Die Young
    • Santiago and Teodoro Ríos – Guarapo
    • Xavier Villaverde – Continental
Best Spanish Language Foreign Film

Other award nominees[edit]

Best Cinematography Best Editing
Best Art Direction Best Production Supervision
Best Sound Best Special Effects
  • Montoyas y Tarantos – Antonio Bloch, Francisco Peramos and Manuel Cora
  • The Rift – Colin Arthur, Basilio Cortijo and Carlo De Marchis
Best Costume Design Best Makeup and Hairstyles
  • Moon Child – Montse Amenós and Isidre Prunés
    • The Dark Night of the Soul – Ana Alvargonzález
    • If They Tell You I Fell – Marcelo Grande
    • Montoyas y Tarrantos – Alfonso Barajas
    • The Things of Love – José María García Montes and María Luisa Zabala
  • Moon Child – José Antonio Sánchez and Paquita Núñez
    • The Sea and the Weather – Juan Pedro Hernández and Jesús Moncusi
    • Twisted Obsession – José Antonio Sánchez and Paquita Núñez
    • The Dark Night of the Soul – Romana González, José Antonio Sánchez, Mercedes Guillot and Josefa Morales
    • The Things of Love – Gregorio Ros and Jesús Moncusi
    • Montoyas y Tarantos – Romana González and Josefa Morales
    • If They Tell You I Fell – Chass Llach and Poli López
Best Original Score Best Short Film
  • El Reino de Víctor
    • El Número Marcado
    • Kilómetro Cero: La Partida

Honorary Goya[edit]

  • Victoriano López García

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