555 Collins Street

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555 Collins Street
General information
Status Cancelled[1]
Location 555 Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia
Opening TBA
Owner Stamoulis Property group[2][3][4]
Roof 404 m (1,325 ft)[5]
Technical details
Floor count 82[5]

555 Collins Street is a cancelled proposal for a supertall skyscraper to be located on Collins Street in the Melbourne CBD, Australia.[6][7] The Stamoulis Property are preparing the plans, comprising an office tower of 404 m (1,325 ft) high, over 82 floors.[5][2][3] The proposal requires final approval from the Victorian Planning Minister Matthew Guy.[1][4]


The proposal was 16–metres higher than the Australia 108 Tower proposal, which had gained approval in March 2013 for Melbourne, however was also cancelled in July 2013.[6][8]

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