58345 Moomintroll

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58345 Moomintroll
Orbit of Moomintroll.gif
Discovered by D. J. Asher
Discovery date February 7, 1999
Orbital characteristics[1][2]
Aphelion 300.9760 Gm (2.0119 AU)
Perihelion 276.3013 Gm (1.84696 AU)
288.6341 Gm (1.9294 AU)
Eccentricity 0.0427
2.68 years
Inclination 17.571°
Physical characteristics

58345 Moomintroll (1995 CZ1) is a minor planet discovered on 1995 February 7 by David J. Asher at Siding Spring Observatory. It is in the Hungaria region of the main asteroid belt.[3]


58345 Moomintroll is named after a fictional character in the 1946 novel Comet in Moomiland.[1][2] In the story, Moomintroll and his friends discover that a comet is on a collision course with Earth. The story details their adventures to avoid the oncoming catastrophe.


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