5 Fingers (Austria)

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5 Fingers
5 fingers.jpg
Elevation 2,108 m (6,916 ft)
Location Upper Austria, Austria
Coordinates 47°31′27″N 13°41′32″E / 47.52417°N 13.69222°E / 47.52417; 13.69222Coordinates: 47°31′27″N 13°41′32″E / 47.52417°N 13.69222°E / 47.52417; 13.69222

5 Fingers is a free viewing platform in the Austrian state of Upper Austria on the Krippenstein that was named "5 Fingers" by virtue of its hand-like hand shape.

It is called the "most spectacular viewing platform in the Alps" [1] because the individual, approximately 4 metres long fingers were built over a precipice of about 400 m (1200 ft) depth.

The "fingers" are about 12 feet long and were built over a chasm of about 400 m (1200 ft) depth. The viewing platform can be reached through a walk of less than 20 minutes from the Krippenstein station of the Dachstein cable car line.


At the first finger (from left to right) a metal frame was assembled, so visitors can take a framed photo of themselves as a souvenir.

The second finger was equipped with a glass bottom which allows to look down into the abyss below.

The third finger is shorter than all others and is not accessible all the way. It has a kind of springboard and symbolizes the freedom of the mountains.

The fourth finger has a hole in the floor that allows a free view into the abyss.

At the fifth finger a telescope is available free of charge.

The observation deck is illuminated at night until midnight and can therefore be easily seen with the bare eye as far as the towns of Hallstatt and Obertraun.


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