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5 Gyres is an organization aimed at reducing plastics pollution. They have traveling exhibits,[1] and summarize topic relevant research. Their traveling activities include stops at universities[2] and educational discussions.[3]

5 Gyres was one of two organizations that recently researched the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.[4][5] They also presented their results at the Aquarium of the Pacific[6] and have been cited as a source for estimating the size of the gyres.[7] 5 Gyres explained their activities at a National Aquarium radio broadcast,[8] has been featured at the Two Oceans Aquarium website,[9] and has prepared, along with the Goody Awards, tips on how to reduce plastic consumption.[10] 5 Gyres has also worked with environmental artist Marina DeBris in using trashion to help raise awareness of ocean trash.[11]

5 Gyres was founded by Anna Cummins and Marcus Eriksen. Eriksen and Cummins have been featured speakers at universities[12] and in news stories.[13][14][15][16] Anna Cummins has also been awarded the Golden Goody Award, during a meeting of the Los Angeles chapter of the USNC for UN WOMEN First Annual Special Assembly.[17]

Before founding 5 Gyres, Cummins and Eriksen had worked at the Algalita Marine Research Foundation, with founder Charles J. Moore, who is currently a scientific advisor for 5 Gyres.[18]


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