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5th Avenue split

The 5th Avenue is a candy bar currently marketed by The Hershey Company.[1]

The bar consists of a crunchy peanut butter center covered in chocolate. The bar was topped with two chocolate-covered almonds until the mid-1990s, when the almonds were removed.[2]

The candy bar was reportedly introduced in 1936 by Luden's, at the time a subsidiary of Food Industries of Philadelphia.[3] This date is uncertain because information about this product has been subject to misinformation[4] from The Hershey Company for marketing and perhaps legal reasons.[5] It is difficult to find marketing material for this product before 1962.[6] Hershey Foods Corporation acquired Luden's brands from the Dietrich Corporation, a successor to Food Industries of Philadelphia, in 1986.[7] This candy appeared in the 1994 sci-fi movie Stargate[8] and the 1998 Seinfeld episode "The Dealership".[9] Despite not being advertised since 1993, the candy bar is still available at many gas stations and convenience stores.

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