5th Mountain Division (Wehrmacht)

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5. Gebirgs-Division
5th Mountain Division logo.svg
Insignia of 5th Mountain Division.
Active Raised 1940, Surrendered 1945
Country  Nazi Germany
Branch Heer Unit
Type Mountain Division
Part of Created as 5. Gebirgs-Divisionin 1940.
Nickname Gamsbock-Division, Sumpfjäger-Division
General der Gebirgstruppe Julius Ringel (November 1, 1940 – February 10, 1944)

The German 5th Mountain Division (5th Gebirgs Division) was established in the Austrian Tirol in October 1940, out of regiments taken from the 1. Gebirgs-Division and the 10. Infanterie Division. Its first action was in the 1941 Balkans Campaign, when it took part in Operations Marita and Merkur; in the latter it was used in an air-landing role. In November, it returned to Germany for rehabilitation, and in April 1942 it was deployed to the Eastern Front, where it joined Army Group North on the Volkhov Front. In April 1943 it was redeployed to Italy. It fought out the remainder of the war in Italy and the Western Alps, and surrendered to the Americans near Turin in May 1945.


  • 85. Gebirgsjäger-Regiment
  • 100. Gebirgsjäger-Regiment
  • 95. Aufklärungs-Battalion
  • 95. Panzerjäger-Battalion
  • 73. leichte Flak Batterie (Luftwaffe)
  • 95. Gebirgs-Artillerie-Regiment; I. - IV. Abteilung
  • 95. Gebirgs-Pionier-Battalion
  • 95. Nachrichten-Battalion
  • 95. Nachschubtruppen


General der Gebirgstruppe Julius Ringel - the first commander of the 5th Mountain Division

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