Schoenberg hexachord

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6-Z44: "Schoenberg hexachord" About this sound Play .
6-Z19: "Schoenberg hexachord" complement in prime form About this sound Play .
"Schoenberg hexachord" at "EsCHBEG" transposition and ordering About this sound Play .

6-Z44 (012569), known as the Schoenberg hexachord, is Arnold Schoenberg's signature hexachord, as one transposition contains the pitches Es, C, H, B, E, G (Schoenberg), E, B, and B being Es, H, and B in German.[1] (see: musical cryptogram)

Its Z-related hexachord and complement is 6-Z19[1] (3478te or, in prime form, 013478). They have the interval vector of <3,1,3,4,3,1> in common.[1] 6-Z44 lacks prime and inversional combinatoriality.

Schoenberg used the hexachord in the song "Seraphita" (op. 22 no. 1) and the monodrama Die glückliche Hand.[2]


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