64079 (number)

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64078 64079 64080
Cardinal sixty-four thousand and seventy-nine
Ordinal 64079th
(sixty-four thousand and seventy-ninth)
Factorization 139 · 461
Divisors 1, 139, 461, 64079
Roman numeral LXMMMMLXXIX
Binary 11111010010011112
Ternary 100202200223
Quaternary 332210334
Quinary 40223045
Senary 12123556
Octal 1751178
Duodecimal 310BB12
Hexadecimal FA4F16
Vigesimal 803J20
Base 36 1DFZ36

64079 is the twenty-third Lucas number and is thus often written as L23. It is significant for being the first Lucas number Ln where n is prime that is itself not prime. In a closely related property, 64079 is the smallest extra strong Lucas pseudoprime to base 2.

Its smaller prime factor, 139, can be written in the form 6n+1, where n is the index of the Lucas number. The larger factor, 461, can similarly be written in the form 20n+1.

Other uses[edit]

64079 is the zip code of Platte City and Tracy, Missouri.