6th Army (Russian Empire)

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The Russian Sixth Army was a World War I Russian field army that fought on the Eastern theatre of war.

The 6th Army Field Headquarters was established in July 1914 at the Saint Petersburg Military District.
The task of the Army between July 1914 and December 1916 was to defend the coasts of the Baltic and White Sea, and the approaches to St. Petersburg. In August 1915, it became part of the newly formed Northern Front. With the creation of the Romanian Front in December 1916, the staff was transferred to the Danube Army in Romania, which was renamed the 6th Army. The old 6th Army units became part of the Northern Front.


  • 01.09.1912—26.08.1914 — General of Infantry Alexander Blagoveshchensky
  • 26.08.1914—21.06.1915 — General of Artillery Konstantin Fan-der-Flit
  • 30.06.1915—18.08.1915 — General of Infantry Nikolai Ruzsky
  • 20.08.1915—20.03.1916 — General of Infantry Aleksiej Czurin
  • 20.03.1916—12.12.1916 — General of Infantry Władimir Gorbatowskij
  • 12.12.1916—12.1917 — General of Cavalry Afanasij Curikow

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