6th Blackshirt Division (Tevere)

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The Italian 6th Blackshirt Division "Tevere" (Tiber) was an Italian Blackshirt militia unit formed for the Second Italo-Abyssinian War by volunteers. However due to age (World War I veterans), physical disabilities (amputated veterans), lack of military training (Italians living abroad) and lack of supporting machinguns and pack artillery limited combat value.[citation needed] Nevertheless it saw some combat in minor actions on the Somali front, and performed creditably[citation needed] under the command of Gen. Enrico Boscardi.

Order of Battle 1935-36[edit]

6th Blackshirt Division "Tevere"

  • 219th Blackshirts Legion "Vittorio Veneto"
    • 219th Blackshirts Battalion (World War I Veterans )
    • 319th Blackshirts Battalion (World War I Veterans )
  • 220th Blackshirts Legion
    • 201st Blackshirts Battalion (World War I Amputated)
    • 220th "Arditi" Blackshirts Battalion (World War I Assault Troops)
  • 221st Blackshirts Legion "Italiani all'Estero"
    • 221st Blackshirts Battalion (Italians living abroad)
    • 421st Blackshirts Battalion (Italians living abroad)
  • 6th Blackshirts MMG Battalion "Curtatone e Montanara" (University students)
  • 6th Artillery Battalion (65L17 - Army)
  • 6th Special Engineers Company (mixed Blackshirts and Army)
  • 2 x Replacements Battalions


  • The Legions of "Tevere" Division did not have a supporting machingun company or pack-artillery battery.
  • Additionally the Blackshirts Divisions had a Medical Section, Logistics Section, and transport of a Pack-Mules unit (1600 mules), and a Mixed Trucks unit (80 light trucks)


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