6th Guards Motor Rifle Division

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Review of the 6th Guards Vitebsk-Novgorod Motor Rifle Division, Northern Group of Forces, in Borne Sulinowo, Poland.

The 6th Guards Vitebsk-Novgorod Motor Rifle Division (6-я гвардейская мотострелковая дивизия - Military Unit No. 68434) - was a Soviet motor rifle division, which after the end of World War II was on the Polish territory composed of Northern Group of Forces. It drew its history from the 90th Guards Rifle Division.

In an exchange of numbers, the 6th Guards Motor Rifle Division in Germany in 1982 became the 90th Guards Tank Division, while the 90th Guards Tank Division became the 6th Guards Motor Rifle Division.

Staff of the Division was located in the town of Borne Sulinowo.

This remained until the Division withdrew from Poland in 1992 and was moved to Tver in the Moscow Military District where it became the 166th Guards Motor Rifle Brigade. Later, it was disbanded and converted into the 70th Base for Storage of Weapons & Equipment.


  • 16 Motor Rifle regiment
  • 82 Motor Rifle regiment - Sypniewo
  • 152 Motor Rifle regiment
  • 80th Tank Regiment
  • 193 Artillery Regiment
  • 90 independent tank battalion
  • 54 Battalion
  • 464 artillery antitank
  • 101 battalion of sappers
  • 126 Reconnaissance Battalion
  • 71 Battalion Repair
  • 183 battalion supply
  • 81 Medical Battalion


  • Maj. Gen. Vladimir Vasilyevich Bulgakov (1992)


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