7449 Döllen

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1949 QL
Discovery and designation
Discovered by K. Reinmuth
Discovery site Heidelberg
Discovery date August 21, 1949
MPC designation (7449) 1949 QL
1949 QZ, 1969 TV3
main belt asteroid
Orbital characteristics
Aphelion 2.6598433 AU
Perihelion 1.7839837 AU
2.2219135 AU
Eccentricity 0.1970958
3.31 yrs.
239.20889 deg.
Inclination 6.26778 deg.
335.86030 deg.
Physical characteristics
13.8 mag

7449 Döllen (provisional designation: 1949 QL) is a main-belt minor planet. It was discovered by Karl Wilhelm Reinmuth at the Heidelberg-Königstuhl State Observatory in Heidelberg, Germany, on April 21, 1949. It is named for Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Döllen, a 19th-century astronomer at the Dorpat (Tartu) and Pulkovo observatories.

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