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Discovered by Lubos Kohoutek, Hamburg-Bergedorf Observatory
Discovery date February 1975
Orbital characteristics [[1] A]
Epoch 2014-07-02 (JD 2456840.5)
Aphelion 5.3 AU
Perihelion 1.8 AU
Semi-major axis 3.5 AU
Orbital period ~7 years
Inclination 5.9°
Last perihelion July 2014(?)
Next perihelion Lost (2021?)

75D/Kohoutek is a short-period comet discovered in February 1975, by Lubos Kohoutek.

Not to be confused with the much better-known C/1973 Kohoutek, 75D is a repeat visitor to the inner Solar System, with a period of about 7 years. It was last predicted in 2014, but was not seen. Apparitions have been dim, with the brightest being in 1988 at about apparent magnitude 13.[2]

It has not been seen since 1988 and is lost.[1]

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