76th Guards Air Assault Division

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76th Guards Air Assault Division
Russian 76th Airborne Division patch.svg
76th Guards Air Assault Division shoulder sleeve insignia.
Active September 1, 1939[1] - present
Country Soviet Union Soviet Union
(1939 - 1991)
Russia Russian Federation
(1991 - present)
Branch Большая эмблема Воздушно-десантных войск России.png Airborne Troops
Type Airborne forces
Role Light Infantry
Airborne Infantry
Airmobile infantry
Part of Medium emblem of the Вооружённые Силы Российской Федерации.svg Russian Armed Forces
Garrison/HQ Pskov
Motto Мы всюду там, где ждут победу!
Anniversaries September 1st

World War II

and many others
First Chechen War
Second Chechen war

South Ossetia War (2008)

2014 Crimean crisis
Guards Col. Naumets Vasilevich
Gen. V. F. Margelov

The 76th Guards Air Assault Division (Russian: 76-я гвардейская десантно-штурмовая Черниговская Краснознаменная дивизия) is a division of the Russian Airborne Troops based in Pskov.


The 76th Air Assault Division was originally established in 1939 as the 157th Rifle Division. On 1 March 1943 it became the 76th Guards Rifle Division. The Division fought in Chernigov, Odessa, Brest and Danzig with the 70th Army of the 2nd Belorussian Front in May 1945. Soon after the war it became the 76th Airborne Division, by 1946 as part of the 15th Airborne Corps.

The 76th Division originally had three regiments: the 104th, 234th, and 237th, with the 237th Guards Airborne Regiment disbanded circa 2002.

After an experimental period, the 104th Parachute Regiment of the 76th Airborne Division became the first Russian ground forces regiment that was fully composed of professional soldiers (and not of "srochniki" - the conscripted soldiers aged eighteen).

Elements of the 104th Regiment were ambushed in Chechnya in March 2000.[2]

In 2006, the 76th Airborne Division became an Air Assault Division.

In 2008 the 76th Air Assault Division was involved in the 2008 South Ossetia war, being deployed to South Ossetia and fought in the Battle of Tskhinvali.

In 2014 the division units spearheaded the 2014 Russian military intervention in Ukraine, particularly used in operation on the Crimea Annexation[3][4] and in War in the east of Ukraine on side of the pro-Russian separatists.[5]

On August 21, 2014, the Ukrainian government claimed to have captured two BMD-2 armoured fighting vehicles and the map case of an officer from the division on Ukrainian territory.[6][7][8] Russia's defence ministry denied the claim.[9]

Subordinated units and fighting strength[edit]

As of 2010, the 76th Air Assault Division consisted of the following units:[10]

  • Division headquarters (Pskov, Leningrad Military District)
  • 23rd Air Assault Regiment
  • 104th Air Assault Regiment
  • 234th Air Assault Regiment
  • 1140th Artillery Regiment
  • 4th Air Defense Regiment
  • 656th Engineering Battalion
  • 728th Communications Battalion
  • 7th Maintenance Battalion
  • 1682nd Logistics Battalion


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External links and further reading[edit]

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  • Thornton, Rod (2004) "Military Organizations and Change: The 'Professionalization' of the 76th Airborne Division", The Journal of Slavic Military Studies, 17:3,449 — 474