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Single by Beneath the Sky
from the album What Demons Do to Saints
Released 2007
Recorded Boston, Massachusetts
Genre Metalcore
Length 4:51
Label Victory Records
Writer(s) Joey Nelson
Jeff Nelson
Chris Profitt
Nick Scarberry
Brandon Sowder
Matt Jones
Producer(s) Beneath the Sky
Jason Seucof
Beneath the Sky singles chronology
"More Than You Can Handle..."
"What Demons Do to Saints"
"The Day the Music Died"

"7861" is a song by Metalcore band Beneath the Sky. It is from the 2007 album What Demons Do to Saints.

This particular song shares a similarity in pace with "Our Last Road" and "Being in a Coma Is Hell Carried On".[1] [2] [3] [4]

The song talks about a person, someone close to the singer, Joey Nelson, committing suicide. As the lyrics state, "What made you decide that the only way was the wrong way?" The lyrics then momentarily questions several reasons for the suicide, "Was it the thought of failure, or was it the girl, or was it the drugs that became your friends that night?" the lyrics "7861 blackthorne" refer to 7861 Blackthorne Drive, the address of the lead singers friend as well as where his body was found.[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

5" Single
  1. "What Demons Do to Saints"

Live performance[edit]

As somewhat of a tradition, whenever the band performs 7861 they let fans go as far as joining the band on stage for a choir-style performance for the opening lyrics.[citation needed]

Music video[edit]

In the beginning of the music video a young boy dressed all black with long dark hair walks up to a mailbox. The mailbox is marked, with a sticker, "7861" printed in black on it. The boy takes out a letter labeled "7861 Blackthorne" and "URGENT" and puts it in the mail box. As he is walking away a police car pulls up to the house and two policemen enter the house. Clips of the band playing and Joey singing are displayed throughout all of this. As the policemen enter the house they take their jackets off and enter another room, passing under a curtain. Then it switches the screen to the band playing for a brief second until we come back to seeing the policemen take down a presumably dead person from a noose and setting him on the ground. As they check the man for identification one policeman finds the letter from the beginning in the mans pocket. Upon opening the letter very briefly the lyrics being sung are readable on the paper. The policemen start reading the letter and as one reads he points to the noose. As they are reading the coroners enter the house. The letter is again briefly shown along with portions of the band playing and the police and coroners doing their work. The man is then covered with a white sheet as the boy from earlier on enters the house. As he walks into the room all four men look up to see him. He kneels down next to the dead body as one of he policemen try to stop him but his partner says otherwise. Kneeling next to the man the boy looks solemn. The boy then reaches down and puts his hand on the dead man's forehead nearing the end of the song. The dead man then lifts his head and torso, apparently defeating death and coming back to life, making the police and coroners step back. The song then ends as Joey says "Just cut your rope!".


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