78th Fraser Highlanders Pipe Band

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The 78th Fraser Highlanders Pipe Band
2003 78th frasers.jpg
Location Toronto, Ontario
Grade 1
Pipe Major Doug MacRae
Drum Sergeant Drew Duthart
Tartan 78th Fraser Highlanders
Notable Honours Winner, World Pipe Band Championships: 1987. Winner, World Drum Corps Champions 1987, 2007, World Bass Section Champions 2007
Website 78thFH Website

The 78th Fraser Highlanders Pipe Band, is a pipe band from Campbellville, Ontario, Canada. The 78th Frasers became the first non-Scottish band to win the World Pipe Band Championships, in the summer of 1987. In 2007, the Drum Corps led by Drew Duthart captured the Best Drum Corps Prize and the Best Bass Section award at the World Pipe Band Championships at Glasgow Green in Scotland.[1]

Under the direction of Pipe Major Doug MacRae, the band is still active in the competitive pipe band arena to this day. The band has won both the North American Pipe Band Championships (held in Maxville, Ontario) and the Canadian Pipe Band Championships (held in Cambridge, Ontario) a total of twelve times each. The Frasers travel to Scotland each summer to compete at the World's, and have finished in the prize list eleven times.

In addition to their competitive activities, the band has always had a mandate and goal to expand the pipe band idiom and to introduce new musical concepts into the genre through their recordings and concerts. Their recording Live In Ireland (1987) is regarded by some as the quintessential modern pipe band recording.

Their recordings include:

  • 78th Fraser Highlanders (Faces album) (1983)
  • Up to the Line (1985)
  • Live In Ireland (1987)
  • The Immigrant's Suite (1989)
  • Live in Canada - The Megantic Outlaw Concert (1991)
  • Live in Scotland (1993)
  • Flame of Wrath (1998)
  • Cascade (2003)

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