7934 Sinatra

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Discovery and designation
Discovered by E. W. Elst
Discovery site European Southern Observatory
Discovery date September 26, 1989
MPC designation 7934
Named after Frank Sinatra
Alternative names 1989 SG1
Orbital characteristics
Epoch May 14, 2008
Aphelion 2.9523227
Perihelion 2.1993519
Eccentricity 0.1461604
Orbital period 1509.9969980
Mean anomaly 73.05111
Inclination 7.84476
Longitude of ascending node 166.43956
Argument of perihelion 330.87967
Physical characteristics
Absolute magnitude (H) 14.4

7934 Sinatra (1989 SG1) is a main-belt asteroid discovered on September 26, 1989 by E. W. Elst at the European Southern Observatory.


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