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Founded 2004
Founder Peter Khosla
Distributor(s) Provident
Genre Christian rock
Christian Hip Hop
Alternative rock
Pop punk
Electronic music
Country of origin USA
Location Valparaiso, Indiana
Official website [1]

7Spin Music is an independent Christian record label based in Valparaiso, Indiana.[1] It was founded by Peter Khosla in 2004.[1] Sevenglory’s first single, "Just Me" was the label's first top ten single to chart at R&R magazine.[2]

Artist list[edit]

The following artists either are performing or have performed under the 7Spin Music:


Former 7Spin Music Artists[edit]

  • All Star United (Active, currently independent)
  • Hello Kelly (Active, currently unsigned)
  • Heath McNease (Active, currently unsigned)
  • Inhabited (Active, currently independent)
  • The Blood Violets (Disbanded)
  • This Holiday Life (on hiatus)
  • Riley Armstrong (Active, currently independent)
  • Playdough (Active, currently independent)

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