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Studio album by Zap Mama
Released February 25, 1997
Genre Worldbeat
Length 60:04
Label Luaka Bop, Virgin
Producer Marie Daulne, Yannick Fonderie, Michael Franti
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Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]

"Seven", or "7" is the fourth album by Zap Mama, released in 1997 on Luaka Bop Records, a sub-label of Virgin, started by David Byrne of Talking Heads.

I made music on Seven the same way as on the other albums. I only used acoustic instruments... I'm looking for instruments that have vocal sounds, forgotten instruments like the guimbri... The first and second albums were about the voice, what came before. This album is about introducing those sounds into modern, Western life.

Marie Daulne

Track listing[edit]

  1. Jogging À Tombouctou (Anita Daulne, Bachir Attar, Fadimata Wallet, Mama Camberlin, Marie Daulne, Sabine Kabongo; arr. M. Daulne/S. Kabongo) 4:59
  2. New World (A, Daulne, M. Daulne, U-Roy; arr. JL Daulne, Ange Nawasadio)) 3:15
  3. Baba Hooker (M. Daulne, Michael Franti; arr. M. Daulne, Franti) 5:24
  4. Belgo Zairoise (M. Daulne; arr. M. Daulne, S. Kabongo) 5:22
  5. African Sunset (Alpheus Mnyandu; arr. M. Daulne, S. Kabongo) 4:53
  6. Damn your Eyes (Barbara Myrick, Steve Bogard; arr. A. Daulne, M. Daulne, Aningi, S. Kabongo) 4:07
  7. Poetry Man (Phoebe Snow; arr. Franti) 4:57
  8. Warmth (M. Daulne, Angilique Willkie; arr. M. Daulne) 5:33
  9. Téléphone (M. Daulne, Cecilia Kankonda; arr. A. & M. Daulne) 3:48
  10. Nostalgie Amoureuse (Willkie, M. Daulne; arr. M. Daulne) 5:13
  11. Timidity (M. Daulne, Kabongo, A Horse A Bucket and a Spoon; arr. M. Daulne, S. Kabongo) 3:05
  12. Eie Buma (A. Daulne, M. Daulne; arr. A. & M. Daulne) 3:19
  13. Kesia Yanga (M. Daulne; arr. M. Daulne) 5:23
  14. Illioi (M. Daulne, Willkie; arr. M. Daulne) 5:33


  • Marie Daulne: Lead Vocal, Percussion, Didgeridoo, Guimbri, Shekere (Kashishi)
  • Fatimata Wallet, Mama Camberlin, Sabine Kabongo, Watanga Rema, U-Roy, Michael Franti, Angilique Willkie, Jean-Louis Daulne, Bernadette Aningi, Quental Kesia: Additional Vocals
  • Amanou, Dizzy Mandjeku, David James, Tom Van Stiphout: Guitars
  • Yannic Fonderie, Hans Francken: Keyboards
  • Carl Young: Bass, Keyboards
  • Luk Michiels, Michel Hatzidjordju: Bass (Michiels also played double bass)
  • Vincent Piernes: Double Bass
  • Otti Van Der Werf: Guimbri
  • Charlie Hunter: Harmonica
  • Stephane Galland, Bruno Meeus, Bilou Doneaux: Drums, Percussion
  • Sidiki Diabat: Shekere


  • Produced By Marie Daulne, Yannick Fonderie & Michael Franti
  • Co-Producers: Anita Daulne & Sabine Kabongo
  • Recorded & Engineered By Mister Big Jo Francken (instruments) & Erwin Autrique (vocals)
  • Mixed By Erwin Autrique, Mister Big Jo Francken & Michael Franti
  • Mastered By Tony Cousins

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