7th Dragon

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7th Dragon
7th Dragon.jpg
Developer(s) imageepoch
Publisher(s) Sega
Director(s) Kazuya Niinou
Producer(s) Rieko Kodama
Artist(s) Mota
Composer(s) Yuzo Koshiro
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release date(s)
  • JP March 5, 2009
Genre(s) Role-playing
Mode(s) Single-player
Distribution Nintendo DS Game Card

7th Dragon (セブンスドラゴン Sebunsu Doragon?) is a role-playing video game for Nintendo DS developed by imageepoch and published by Sega in Japan on March 5, 2009.[1][2]


7th Dragon takes place in the world of Eden of which 80% is ruled by dragons, so the premise of the game is simple: Kill all the dragons, or the human race is going to be wiped out of existence.[3]


When players start their journey, they can create their own characters from the following classes: Mage, Princess, Rogue, Knight, Samurai, Fighter, or Healer. Outside of battle the characters will be viewed traveling the overworld from an overhead perspective, while the battles are viewed from a side perspective showing each character as they attack their foes.[4]


The game was produced by Rieko Kodama and the design team consists of composer Yuzo Koshiro, character designer Mota, as well as monster designer Akifumi Yamamoto.[5] At the helm of the project is the director of the first entries in the Trauma Center and Etrian Odyssey series, Kazuya Niinou.


The Japanese magazine Famitsu scored 7th Dragon 9/8/8/8 for a total of 33 out of 40 points.[6] The game was the second best-selling game the week of its release at 80,000 copies.[7] An additional 22,000 units were sold the following week.[8]


A spin-off sequel titled 7th Dragon 2020 has been announced for the PSP.[9] It will feature polygon graphics and take place in the near-future in a Post-Apocalyptic Tokyo where the dragons invade the city filling it with flowers. The game feature classes such as Hacker and Psychic added to the roster. Some of the staff from the previous game (Reiko Kodama, Yuzo Koshiro, and Kazuya Niinou) are returning. Imageepoch is heading development. The game was released on November 23, 2011 in Japan. A sequel to 7th Dragon 2020, titled 7th Dragon 2020-II was released on April 18, 2013 in Japan for PSP. Hatsune Miku will appear again in the game as a non playable character; the game also features a new idol class and Diva Mode, which essentially makes every BGM in the game sung by Hatsune Miku.[10]

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