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Web address www.80legs.com
Type of site Web Crawling Service
Available in English
Owner Datafiniti, LLC
Created by Shion Deysarkar
Launched September 2009
Alexa rank negative increase 154,097 (April 2014)[1]
Current status Privately Owned

80legs is a web crawling service that allows its users to create and run web crawls through its software as a service platform.


80legs was created by Computational Crawling, a company in Houston, TX. The company launched the private beta of 80legs in April 2009 and publicly launched the service at the DEMOfall 09 conference. At the time of its public launch, 80legs offered customized web crawling services. It has since added subscription plans and other product offerings.[2][3]


80legs is built on top of a distributed grid computing network, provided by a separate company.[4] This grid consists of approximately 50,000 individual computers, distributed across the world, and uses bandwidth monitoring technology to prevent bandwidth cap overages.[5]


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