818th Strategic Aerospace Division

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818th Strategic Aerospace Division
Emblem of the 818th Strategic Aerospace Division
Active 1954-1965
Country United States
Branch United States Air Force
Role Command and Control
Part of Strategic Air Command
Garrison/HQ Lincoln AFB, Nebraska

The 818th Strategic Aerospace Division (818th SAD) is an inactive United States Air Force organization. Its last assignment was with Strategic Air Command, assigned to Second Air Force, being stationed at Lincoln Air Force Base, Nebraska. It was inactivated on 25 March 1965.

Activated in 1954 as an intermediate command echelon of Strategic Air Command, supervising and directing the combat training of its subordinate units in the Central Midwest. Upon activation, the Division immediately assumed responsibility for training B-47 Stratojet wings capable of long range offensive bombardment and worldwide air to air refueling operations. The division participated in numerous tactical training exercises such as Chuck Wagon, Pace Setter, Cobra Killer, and Sky Shield, and countless others until March 1965. Designated as a Strategic Aerospace Division in 1961 when assumed command and control of SM-65 Atlas ICBM wings.

Inactivated as part of the phaseout of B-47s and Atlas ICBMs in 1965.



  • Established as 818th Air Division on 27 August 1954
Activated on 11 October 1954
Redesignated 818th Strategic Aerospace Division on 1 March 1962
Discontinued, and inactivated, on 25 March 1965.





11 October 1954-25 March 1965
Detached 11 November 1955-29 January 1956
11 October 1954-25 March 1965
Detached 11 October-19 November 1954 and 7 July-5 October 1956
1 January 1963-15 December 1964
15 August 1962-1 January 1963.


  • 34th Air Refueling: 15 December 1964-1 April 1965
  • 551st Strategic Missile: 1 April 1961-1 January 1964
  • 4362d Support (later, 4362d Post Attack Command Control): 20 July 1962-24 December 1964.

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