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84 Express
A bus at VCC-Clark Station departing on the westbound route towards UBC
System Conventional bus
Operator Coast Mountain Bus Company
Began service January 2006
Start UBC Loop
End VCC–Clark Station
Daily ridership 8100 (avg. weekday)[1]

The 84 is an express line in Metro Vancouver, that serves Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. It connects VCC–Clark Station on the SkyTrain, which is the rapid transit train system that runs in Vancouver, to the diesel bus loop at the University of British Columbia. It is operated by Coast Mountain Bus Company and funded by TransLink. Going west, the route goes along Great Northern Way, 2nd Avenue, 6th Avenue, 4th Avenue, and Chancellor Boulevard. It serves educational institutes like University of British Columbia, St Mark's College, University Hill Elementary School, Queen Mary Elementary School, British Columbia Institute of Technology Centre for Architectural Ecology, Emily Carr University of Art and Design and Vancouver Community College. It also passes by major shopping areas at Granville Island, and also West 4th avenue in Kitsilano.

The route is in service seven days a week including holidays. During peak hours, the bus runs at 5-10 minute intervals. In non-peak hours, the bus runs at 15–30 minute intervals. Eastbound service leaving UBC Loop Bay 4 on weekdays starts at 05:59 and the last bus leaves at 22:29. Westbound service on weekdays leaving VCC-Clark Station starts at 06:00 and the last bus leaves at 22:31.[2] On average, it takes 35 minutes to complete the entire route.


With the opening of the VCC-Clark Skytrain station in January 2006, the 84 Express bus line was put into service, with an initial service frequency of one bus arriving every 15 minutes.[3] With University of British Columbia as its western terminus, the 84 was implemented to relieve pressure from the 99 B-Line at Commercial-Broadway Station by diverting some of its student traffic. However, the introduction of the bus line was met with mixed receptions by Kitsilano and Point Grey area residents, as the diesel buses that drove through their residential areas were often quite loud.[4][5]

When the Canada Line opened in August 2009, an additional stop was included at Cambie Street for connection with Olympic Village Station.

As demand and ridership for the 84 increased,[1] the frequency of buses was also increased to accommodate, with buses arriving every 5 minutes during peak hours (08:00 to 09:00).

Stops and transfer points[edit]

84 Express
VCC-Clark Station  Connection to Millennium Line 
Foley Street
Thornton Street / Brunswick Street
Main Street
Ontario Street
Columbia Street
Cambie Street  Connection to Canada Line 
Ash Street / Moberly Road
Alder Crossing
Fir Street
Burrard Street
Vine Steet
Macdonald Street
Alma Street
Marine Drive / 4100 Block
Blanca Street / Tolmie Street
Hamber Road
Allison Road / Western Parkway
UBC Loop
Stop Name Route Information
VCC–Clark Station Bay 1 Eastern terminus of the 84 Express. Serves the VCC-Clark SkyTrain station and Vancouver Community College.
Great Northern Way at Foley Street
Great Northern Way at Thornton Street Westbound / Brunswick Street Eastbound Previously Prince Edward Street.
2nd Ave at Main Street Connects to the #3 (Downtown), #8 (Downtown), and #19 (Stanley Park) buses.
2nd Ave at Ontario Street
2nd Ave at Columbia Street
2nd Ave at Cambie Street Transfer point to the Canada Line (Olympic Village Station) to downtown, Richmond and Vancouver International Airport. Also serving this stop is the #50 bus to Waterfront Station.
6th Ave at Ash Street Westbound / Moberly Road Eastbound
6th Ave at Alder Crossing
4th Ave at Fir Street Serves Granville Island and Emily Carr University of Art and Design.
4th Ave at Burrard Street Transfer point to the #4 (UBC) and #7 (Dunbar) buses.
4th Ave at Vine Street Transfer point to the #44 (UBC) bus.
4th Ave at Macdonald Street Transfer point to the #2 (MacDonald - 16th Avenue), #22 (MacDonald), and #32 (Dunbar) buses.
4th Ave at Alma Street Connects to trolley bus routes to the Dunbar corridor. Also a short walk from Jericho Beach. During times of heavy snowfall, bus service terminates at this stop and does not continue to UBC.[6]
4th Ave at Marine Drive Westbound / 4100 Block Eastbound
4th Ave at Blanca Street Westbound / Tolmie Street Eastbound
Chancellor Boulevard at Hamber Road Serves University Hill Elementary School.
Chancellor Boulevard at Allison Road Westbound / Western Parkway Eastbound
UBC Loop Bay 3 Westbound / Bay 4 Eastbound Western terminus of the 84 Express, serving the University of British Columbia.

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