8th Computer Olympiad

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The 8th Computer Olympiad was held November 23–November 27, 2003, in Graz, Austria.

The Computer Olympiad was held in conjunction with the International Computer Games Association 11th World Computer Chess Championship 2003 and the 10th Advances in Computer Games Conference. Because of this, no medals were awarded for the two chess events.

Medals Awarded[edit]

Abalone (2 participants)

  1. AbaPro (T. Werner) (AUT)
  2. Nacre (P. Sommerlund) (DEN)

Amazons (5 participants)

  1. Amazong (J. Lieberum) (GER)
  2. Invader (Avetisyan) (USA)
  3. 8QP (J. de Koning) (NL)

Backgammon (2 participants)

  1. BGBlitz (F. Berger) (GER)
  2. Gnubg (A. Müller) (GER)

Chinese Chess (5 participants)

  1. ZMBL (Z. Tu) (China)
  2. Xie Xie (Pascal Tang, Eugenio Castillo) (FRA)
  3. ELP (J-C. Chen) (Taiwan)

Dots and Boxes (3 participants)

  1. Control Freak (W. Fraser) (USA)
  2. Deep Beige (D. Bochenski) (UK)
  3. Damepo (H. Iida) (JAP)

Draughts (4 participants)

  1. Sjende Blyn (J. Wiersma) (NL)
  2. Dam 2.2 (H. Jetten) (NL)
  3. TD King (T. Tillemans) (CH)

Go 19×19 (11 participants)

  1. GNU Go (I. Wallin) (SWE)
  2. GoAhead (P. Woitke) (GER)
  3. Go Intellect (K-H. Chen) (USA)

Go 9×9 (10 participants)

  1. Aya (H. Yamashita) (JAP)
  2. NeuroGo (M. Enzenberger) (CAN)
  3. Go Intellect (K-H. Chen) (USA)

Hex (2 participants)

  1. Six (G. Melis) (HUN)
  2. Mongoose (R. Hayward) (CAN)

Lines of Action (3 participants)

  1. MIA IV (M. Winands) (NL)
  2. BING (B. Helmstetter) (FRA)
  3. (T-T) (J. Nagashima) (JAP)

Poker (2 participants)

  1. Vexbot (University of Alberta GAMES group) (CAN)
  2. Sparbot (University of Alberta GAMES group) (CAN)

Shogi (3 participants)

  1. YSS (H. Yamashita) (JAP)
  2. ISshogi (Y. Tanase) (JAP)
  3. Tacos (H. Iida) (JAP)

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