8th Saturn Awards

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The 8th Saturn Awards were awarded to media properties and personalities deemed by the Academy to be the best in science fiction, fantasy and horror in 1980. They were awarded in July 1981.

Below is a complete list of nominees and winners. Winners are highlighted in bold.

Best Actor[edit]

Best Actress[edit]

Best Supporting Actor[edit]

Best Supporting Actress[edit]

Best Director[edit]

Best Writing[edit]

Best Costumes[edit]

Best Special Effects[edit]

Best Music[edit]

Best International Film[edit]

Best Fantasy Film[edit]

Best Horror Film[edit]

Best Low-Budget Film[edit]

Best Science Fiction Film[edit]

Best Make-Up[edit]

Golden Scroll of Merit[edit]

Outstanding Achievement[edit]

Battle Beyond the Stars: Sybil Danning

Outstanding Film Award[edit]


Best New Star Award[edit]

Sam J. Jones

Life Career Award[edit]

John Agar

Executive Achievement Award[edit]

Charles Couch

Service Award[edit]

Natalie Harris