902nd Military Intelligence Group (United States)

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902d Military Intelligence Group
902 MI Group SSI.jpg
902d Military Intelligence Group shoulder sleeve insignia
Country United States
Branch United States Army
Role Military Intelligence
Size Group
Part of US Army Intelligence and Security Command
Motto Strength Through Vigilance
Decorations Army Superior Unit Award
COL John J. Bonin

The 902d Military Intelligence Group is a United States Army group commanded by a colonel, under the command of the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command, and with an operational focus on counterintelligence. The unit is headquartered at Fort Meade, Maryland.

The 902d Military Intelligence Group conducts proactive counterintelligence activities to detect, identify, assess, and counter, neutralize or exploit foreign intelligence entities and insider threats in order to protect Army and designated Department of Defense forces, information and technologies worldwide.

The 902d Military Intelligence Group provides direct and general counterintelligence support to Army activities and major commands. The group also provides general support to other military department counterintelligence and intelligence elements, unified commands, defense agencies and national agency counterintelligence and security activities and organizations.[1]

Subordinate units of the 902d Military Intelligence Group are as follows:

  • 902d Military Intelligence Group
    • The Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment (HHD) provides personnel administration, training and logistical support to the Group.
    • 308 MI Bn DUI.png The 308th Military Intelligence Battalion conducts counterintelligence, counterterrorist and counterespionage investigations and operations throughout the continental United States. The 308th also operates all of the INSCOM counterintelligence field offices within the continental U.S. which are manned by counterintelligence special agents. These field offices are the public investigative offices in which anyone can go to in order to report a counterintelligence/security incident.
    • 310 MI Bn DUI.png The 310th Military Intelligence Battalion conducts worldwide counterespionage and counterintelligence investigations, counterintelligence operations and multidiscipline counterintelligence technical operations in support of the Army and defense agencies in peace and war.
    • The 752nd Military Intelligence Battalion conducts counterintelligence activities to detect, identify, assess and counter, neutralize or exploit foreign intelligence entities, international terrorism and insider threats in order to protect U.S. Army and Defense Department forces, information and technologies worldwide. On order, provides tailored counterintelligence support in support of Army requirements, INSCOM missions and overseas contingency operations.
    • The Army Operations Security Detachment (AOSD) conducts external operations security in support of Army units, both CONUS and OCONUS, to advise and assist commanders on threat vulnerabilities to their static base operations, training exercises and operational deployments.
    • The Army Counterintelligence Center (ACIC) assesses foreign intelligence entities, terrorist and cyber threats to deliver current and predictive multi-discipline analysis that enables warfighters to protect Army forces, facilities, information and technologies worldwide.
    • The Personnel Security Investigation Center of Excellence (PSI-CoE) serves as the single point of entry for the accurate and efficient administrative validation, review and submission of personnel security and suitability investigations while providing premiere customer service and support to Army stakeholders worldwide.

The 902d MI GP was awarded the Army Superior Unit Award.


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