9087 Neff

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Discovery and designation
Discovered by J. Ticha
M. Tichy
Z. Moravec
Discovery site Kleť Observatory
Discovery date September 29, 1995
MPC designation 9087
Alternative names 1995 SN3
Orbital characteristics
Epoch May 14, 2008
Aphelion 2.6728246
Perihelion 1.8926576
Eccentricity 0.1708838
Orbital period 1259.7472506
Mean anomaly 306.55539
Inclination 4.71156
Longitude of ascending node 336.86967
Argument of perihelion 314.92978
Physical characteristics
Absolute magnitude (H) 14.6

9087 Neff (1995 SN3) is a main-belt asteroid discovered on September 29, 1995 by J. Ticha, M. Tichy and Z. Moravec at Kleť Observatory.


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