91 Aquarii b

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91 Aquarii b
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Planet at Psi1 Aquarii.png
Artist's conception of planet orbiting Psi1 Aquarii, with background visual binary.
Parent star
Star 91 Aquarii A
Constellation Aquarius
Right ascension (α) 23h 15m 53.5s
Declination (δ) −9° 05′ 16″
Apparent magnitude (mV) 4.21
Distance 148 ly
(46 pc)
Spectral type K0III
Orbital elements
Semimajor axis (a) 0.324[dubious ] AU
Eccentricity (e) 0.003
Orbital period (P) 181.84 d
Argument of
(ω) 129.57°
Time of periastron (T0) 2,454,478.1 JD
Semi-amplitude (K) 97.3 m/s
Physical characteristics
Minimum mass (m sin i) 2.942 MJ
Discovery information
Discovery date 16 November 2003
Discoverer(s) Mitchell et al.
Discovery method Radial velocity
Discovery site  United States
Discovery status Published
Other designations
HD 219449 b
Database references
Extrasolar Planets

91 Aquarii b, also known as HD 219449 b, is an extrasolar planet orbiting in the 91 Aquarii system approximately 148 light-years away in the constellation of Aquarius. It orbits at the average distance of 48.5 Gm from its star, which is closer than Mercury is to the Sun (57.9 Gm). The planet takes half a year to revolve around the star in a very circular orbit (e=0.003).

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Coordinates: Sky map 23h 15m 53.5s, −09° 05′ 16″